C’Mon Baby, Light My Fire!

As Bob helped me do the laundry this morning, a plastic tub caught my eye, labeled in my daughter’s pretty handwriting, “Summer Clothes”. Inside I could see my black and white paisley bathing suit and sundresses waiting patiently for June. Or maybe even July – depending on how warm it got out. The heavy clothes I was shoving into my washer was putting me in a bad mood.

“Mommy!!! I’m in the baff!” screamed my 6 year old as I filled up the machine with hot water, “the watew’s fweezing!” She was trying to warm up after playing outside. Sign number two in as many minutes that Myrtle Beach is where I should be.

“The signs are all around you,” Randi said as we both took a brief moment to spend some private time with Bob and Johnson via skype, “just do it already! I found a great place for you guys. Five bedrooms – check out the link I just sent you.”

The kitchen was way too small. In my home, it’s the most important room and I demand it be HUGE. Party-size. Period. No negotiating. Yes, even if it IS right on the water. “Oh, and I NEED a fireplace,” I reminded her, “you know how I am about that.”

“You’re moving to Myrtle Beach, you don’t NEED a fireplace.”

“I could be moving to freakin’ Hawaii, I still NEED a fireplace!” End of discussion. She said she’ll get back to me with some more houses sometime after her yoga session. On the beach. Sigh. Sign number three. I do yoga on my hardwood floors. We have no carpets…I can’t stand them – I’d have to shampoo them everyday otherwise I’d get the willies thinking about all the ick trapped in the fibers where my girls play. Give me an elegant hardwood floor any day – plus it’s wayyyyy fun to slide on in your socks!

It’s still VERY early in the day. I suspect lots more signs will be appearing as I look for them. In the meantime, time to throw my clothes into the dryer and try hard not to stare at that darn box screaming “SUMMER CLOTHES” at me.

You may also keep up with our exploits pertaining to our finding a home in Myrtle Beach by visiting VickytheNorthernChicky.com. It is going to be quite an experience!

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