I Confess…I Frequently Jump Off the Stairs

Woohoo!! Happy Friday (the Thirteenth), Everyone!! CHEERS!!

It occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned my two-year old very much – and, there’s a very good reason for that. Once I start, I’ll have a hard time stopping. She looks like Shirley Temple but acts like Dennis the Menace. There’s not an ounce of fear in that child. Not of bugs or reptilian things. Not of storms or the zombies her sisters threaten her with if she tries to invade their rooms. Heights? Hahahaha….we have one of those GIGANTIC Corda-Roy beanbag sofas. If you’ve never seen one before, it’s two foam filled (king-sized in our case) mattresses which fit into a bean-bag like shell. When you pull out the mattresses and fluff them out, they’re HUGE…about three feet tall!! And feels JUST LIKE a feather bed.

This precious child of mine will jump from furniture pieces – like a little curly-haired monkey – and land in this chair. OK, ALL the girls love jumping into it. From the stairs. And I confess, when the girls aren’t looking, so do I. I can only imagine, if you’re driving past my house at night and the curtains still happen to be open, what it must look like to see people plummeting from the landing and stairs! It’s a great relief to know that the Corda-Roy company sponsors U.S. pole-vaulting champion Mark Hollis, and on the company’s site, he demonstrates how strong the chair is! The best part, however, is when the chair is opened up and turned into a humongous bed. All of us girls can comfortably cuddle on it, under mounds of thick blankets (darn this old house and it’s frigid drafts), and watch movies.

My youngest seems to be looking forward to moving to Myrtle Beach very much. When we discussed that shark are predators, she shook her blonde curls and giggled, “Sharks won’t get me, my bun buns are too small!” When the topic of tornadoes came up, we all agreed that the damage from those could not compare to the destruction our “baby kinkajou” could inflict.

Right before Christmas, I had the brilliant idea of starting to teach her how to read. She knows her alphabet backwards and forwards and can tell you their sounds. As the packages I (um..SANTA) ordered began arriving, she would stare intently – her blue eyes shining with excitement – before reporting to her sisters what letters she was seeing on the boxes from the companies who didn’t have enough sense to disguise the contents.

You can’t help but want to grab this little girl and hug and squeeze and kiss her all over, though, she’s utterly adorable (yep, I’m shamelessly biased!) And when she puts her little arms around my neck, and snuggles close to me, peppering my face with millions of kisses, I completely melt. Absolutely forgetting that she just tried to drive her CoasterCar down the stairs. With a plastic cup of chocolate milk in one hand. And a porcelain figure “dolly” in the other.

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2 thoughts on “I Confess…I Frequently Jump Off the Stairs

  1. She sounds like my boys…my one and only precious girl was never the dare-devil so I was in for some surprises when the boys came along!

  2. Haha, sounds a lot like my family. Steps are always for jumping off of. Thanks so much for following my blog 🙂

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