Attention!! Visitors to the Boardwalk! Please Take Notice…Show Us Those Muscles!!

“It’s kinda gloomy out on the boardwalk, I don’t see anyone out there,” I mentioned to Randi this morning as we did our Skype ritual. Bob has been acting up on me lately, not really seeming to give me all he really could, flavor-wise, so I had to do my “vinegar-cleansing” on him to set him straight. Now I was just waiting for him to complete his first pot for me.

“I admit, it’s about 42 out this morning,” she agreed with me as she tried to wrestle one of the new pink slippers I bought her away from her dog, Cliff. I could tell she was trying to hide how hard she actually had to pull. “But really? No-one on the beach?”

I went back to the “Earthcam” site I had found to watch webcams of Myrtle Beach to get a better feel for my future. Between the webcams, the Myrtle Beach newspapers I read and the radio talk shows I am addicted to, I truly hope to get a feel for the area. “Trust me, I have my eyes peeled to the site. I’m waiting to see a male specimen from that area with their shirt off. I don’t even see a human out there!” I reported back to her with my “coffee bowl” full to the top.

Late yesterday afternoon, my daughters and I were sitting around the computer, watching the steady stream of people stroll down the boardwalk and on the beach. All of a sudden, a beautiful pair of horses galloped down the beach, their young girl riders laughing, long
hair trailing behind them. And my girls went wild – wishing that the webcam could be moved up and down the beach. We watched for about an hour, hoping to see the magnificent animals kicking up the sand on their return trip – but nothing.

Today, no horses are galloping off into the horizon, no people walking slowly, chins up – inhaling the healing salt air. And, sadly, worst of all…no hot male specimen showing off their pecs, abs, biceps triceps…six packs, eights packs…sigh.

Attention!! Visitors to the boardwalk! Please take notice…show us those muscles!!

“HEY!! HEY!!” Randi laughed, “That is one thing already taken care of for you,” she reminded me…”keep your mind on finding a house.” Earlier in the morning, she had sent me a list of potential houses for my consideration. Her 16 year old daughter is preparing for a beauty pageant and I wondered how she had time to research all these gorgeous houses and help get her ready, too. Her younger daughter is VERY entrepreneurial; she possesses a very “Donald Trump-like” spirit. Both children are simply amazing and I look forward to having them show my girls around!

And so, I will spend the time between my daughters’ basketball games today combing through Craigslist and local Myrtle Beach realtors, indeed searching for our dream house. (Oh, and…still tabbling over to Earthcam – yes, Randi…to see if I can spot a rare January specimen, perhaps overheated from running up and down the beach…all hot and sweaty…)

You may also keep up with the exploits pertaining to Vicky moving to Myrtle Beach by visiting It is going to be quite an experience!

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