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“Just Don’t Make Him – Don’t Make Anyone – Your Meatloaf!”

I woke up this morning with a tingling burst of schoolgirl excitement.

Today is the beginning of my “birthday octave” – the eight days before and the eight days after my birthday. The two week period where I get special treatment and goodies from my family – little things like breakfast in bed, dishes being done with having to ask anyone and delightful little trinkets at the most unexpected times.

We love to celebrate and entertain in my family. A LOT. And with so much celebrating, I cook. A LOT. The kitchen to me is such a passionate room, a magical place where bright colors and delicious smells, heavenly taste and animated conversations take place. Where promises are made, secrets are told and the bonds of friendships are strengthened – over good food and drink. Where individuality expresses itself in all sorts of flavors.

And where messes made by five kids are the easiest to clean up.

This morning’s mess came compliments of some science experiments…

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“Mommy? Why Do You Get to Eat Chicken Wings for Breakfast?”

“Mommy? Why do you get to eat chicken wings for breakfast?” asked a sleepy little voice this morning.

Yikes! I hate it when they sneak up on you when you’re just in that moment of private delight. Like right now, when I was getting ready to eat my spicy leftover chicken wings before the girls woke up and claimed it for themselves. And the quarter of a container full of Overloaded Caramel ice cream I was going to devour next.

“Want one?” I held out a generous brick-red colored, hot-sauce covered drumstick and offered it to her, hoping it would bribe the six year old to be quiet. Instead, it activated the megaphone in her mouth and she invited all her sisters downstairs to share.

At least, I still had my ice cream that I had managed to hide in a deep, dark corner of my freezer, still wrapped up in the plastic bag from the store. I could already taste the gooey caramel.

As the group attacked the wings, Daughter #2 – my child with a bottomless pit for a stomach, started to pout, “Mommy! There aren’t enough wings to go around!” she held up the empty take-out container…

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Wondering if Myrtle Beach has Master Baiters…

“How on earth did you manage to do this?” Randi asked, reaching for a box of tissues. “How did you manage to get me sick over Skype?”

“Somehow, I think your new golf partner, Steve, had something more to do with it,” I felt bad watching my best friend hack away, just as my family had been for the past 2 weeks. “Try some honey.”

“The last time I felt this crappy was after we went fishing together out on the Cape,” she sniffed and sent her daughter to the kitchen for the honey.

I had to laugh at her timing. Sometimes I think she and I could be twins. We finish each other’s sentences constantly and, millions of times we get on Skype to chat to each other and we find we’re wearing exactly the same colors or styles. I’m a firm believer in there being no such thing as “coincidences”, and clearly Randi and I have a past that goes way back – probably to past lives.

This time, she brought up fishing just as I was going through the “sports section” of our garage, looking for things to pack and things to get rid of.

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“Apparently, I Stripped Out of My Nurses Uniform Too Quickly.”

Apparently I stripped out of my nurses uniform too quickly.

I planned on spending more time on working on a couple of pendants I am in the process of watercolor painting. Between working on those and packing for our move to the ocean – Myrtle Beach or Cape Cod, I figured I’d have the perfect winter break while the girls rediscovered all the toys they’d gotten for Christmas. It would be a smooth, quiet vacation preparing for our haul.

How wrong I was…

My wooden Prismacolor watercolor pencils were laid out perfectly in a row, rinsing jar to my right, index cards with vibrant scribbles from the pencils surrounding me, the colors ready to be blended. My pendant, at this point still a black and white rendering of a Russian princess, begging me to add color to her world. My brush is a sable Series 7 Kolinsky, size 3/0…it’s miniscule…there’s about 20 bristles in it, and it’s my FAVORITE brush, I can paint the tiniest details perfectly.

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There I Sat with a Dead Body, Reading, “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret”…

(I will sooooo be dating myself in this post…)

I used to play with Dawn dolls when I was a little girl. These were dolls about half the size of Barbie dolls and just as glamorous. I had cases bulging full of these dolls along with all the clothes and accessories ever made to go with them.

My favorite scenarios to have my Dawn dolls in was to have them finding true love on “The Love Boat” (sigh…Dr. Bricker…) or discovering that unicorns are really real on “Fantasy Island”. The cabins on the ship and the bungalows on the island were always played in the “cubbies” under our Steinway and Sons baby grand piano. I would sit there for hours, all my doll stuff scattered under the piano in little piles.

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“Hello? I’m in labor, but let me put my make-up on first…”

Daughter #5

My oldest child’s birthday is tomorrow and I will then officially have a teenager in the house.

“Is there anything special you want to do?” I asked her this morning. She shrugged her shoulder in a very grown up way and pushed her blonde hair away from her blue eyes, “Six flags?”

Yep…ANOTHER sign. The girls are pining for – water – the ocean. Daughters # 1 and #2 were both born on Cape Cod. On the day Daughter #1 was born, I looked out the window of my hospital room. It overlooked the water and even though it was a typical New England winter day, a couple of boats were tied to the pier. The golden sun glittered off the rippling water and it was a bit hard to tell what the temperature actually WAS outside.

When Daughter #2 was born, my room again overlooked the water, but it was summer this time, and fun-looking relaxed people sunned themselves on their boats and I clearly remember a champagne toast at sunset that evening in late August. This time the sun reflected off fine crystal and shattered into a million different pieces on deck.

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“Hey, Vicky….Look What I Just Found!”

Daddy's Favorite Toy

It felt a little weird to write “Daddy and his favorite Fokker under the Facebook picture, so I  settled on “Daddy and his favorite toy”. Next to my mother and myself, that plane was my father’s pride and joy. Years after he graduated from that to a sleeker Cetabria – which became OUR toy – he kept the prop to that plane. I suppose he planned on putting a clock in the middle. I don’t think he ever really made up his mind.

For a while the prop sat in his photography darkroom in our basement. I can still remember the chemical smells signaling that my father was beginning the developing stage of his pictures. Curled up in a half-round orange-red love seat in his darkroom, we would talk for hours while my mom cooked and baked upstairs. Everything had to be made from scratch. To her it’s like magic. Finding exactly the right combination of ingredients to make smiles appear on people’s faces. Pierogi, golabki, chrusciki, babki, makowiec…her list of masterpieces are endless.

My mom’s house has become a storage warehouse over the years, for all the things I have needed to get rid. Stuff I didn’t “have room for at the moment”, or was just too sentimental to throw away. Now, almost a year after my dad passed away and with the move to either Myrtle Beach or the Cape nearing, we are slowly going through his things.

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A Plan B for Viewing Mr. Muscles on the Boardwalk!

Learning to do my first pre-flight check with Daddy

Some of my fondest memories growing up is all the time I spent in airplanes with my Dad. We logged hundreds and hundreds of hours flying together in both aerobatic gliders and Cetabrias. We would flip and spin, dive and steep climb, touch and go and buzz various buildings out in open fields. Every weekend and day off from school, you would find the two of us either doing maintenance on planes or flying.

I would sometimes bring a friend with us, and it was always a riot to see who would chicken out and who would actually go up with us. I’ll just say that more boys chickened out than girls! And…more than one BOY ended up needing me to hand him an airsick bag after enduring just a few minutes of aerial antics. I can vividly remember the glassy eyes and green faces of the poor guys, their ego shattered.

Autumn here in upstate New York, is undeniably spectacular. Layers of rich colors blanket the Catskill and the Adirondack mountains and we soared so high, soaking in the beauty. For hours we would float quietly in the sky in the glider, Dad telling me stories about his childhood back in Latvia. Or, we would perform all sorts of tricks up in the sky, the roar of the engine making it impossible then for any conversation other than flying information.

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“Hey, Mom? Can’t We Just Live in a Tent on the Beach for a While?”

“Beautiful Home in a Beautiful Community.” I clicked on the Craigslist posting.

“HOLY MACARONI!!!” yelled my middle child, who was sitting next to me, as the pictures popped up, “Just LOOK at this house! I want it! Can we move in? Can we?”

A roof over our heads. Probably our number one priority since our decision to relocate to South Carolina, and I am already falling in love with the very first one I am looking at. A large, gabled house, with perfectly manicured gardens around it – the pictures of the interior show spacious rooms with arched doorways, windows exuding LOTS of sunlight. With an open floorplan, everything looks light and airy –  summery. I still have my Christmas decorations up…

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“I Think I Need to Lick it First…”

There are some things I simply REFUSE to do.

My best friend, Randi, however, will do them. I suppose that’s how she landed her “new guy” Mike, she just starting dating.

She goes to sci-fi movies…and actually likes them. (Not me!) She’s into fantasy football. (Again, NOT me.) And she enjoys golfing. She took me once. It made my face hurt. Long story short…I “chunked”…a LOT…(apparently that’s when you hit the ground – hard– instead of the ball), days after having my wisdom teeth removed.

Mike and Randi have known each other for a very, very long time – at one point even being business partners – so this relationship has my blessing. Tonight, he’s taking her to a wine tasting fund-raiser in Myrtle Beach and she has been on a ferocious hunt for shoes to go with the purple dress she bought earlier in the week. Royal purple velvet, strapless, and slit up to here…Mike won’t stand a chance.

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