“Mommy? Why are there naked pictures of you in this book?”

I started packing another box today for our move to Myrtle Beach. This time it was books that were getting stacked. It was about all I could manage after a wild weekend filled with Daughter #5’s third birthday, basketball games, Sunday school and, of course, SuperBowl Sunday.

The gigantic mouse was all my daughter could talk about ever since we first took her to the kiddie “casino” last year to mark the end of the school year. She had been entranced when the mouse reached out and took her little, tiny hand in his big furry paw – her enormous blue eyes staring in sheer adoration. She was in love. She just had to go there for her next birthday, she pleaded – she couldn’t wait for the games and rides, and most of all – the huge mouse.

And so, that is where she got to go on Saturday night, her third birthday. The noise was ear-splitting, the kids packed wall to wall, my arms filled with tickets won from different games. And, after the hour of playtime ticked by, and the pizza was devoured and massive quantities of soda spilt, the announcement came that the mouse was about to come out to greet the special birthday boys and girls.

That’s when my Birthday Girl freaked!

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33 thoughts on ““Mommy? Why are there naked pictures of you in this book?”

  1. Oh, just another typical day, right? Yikes!

  2. I’m in NY too! It’s nice to connect to another blogger in the NE, but looks like, according to your header, you’ve flown south. Don’t blame you a bit! 😉

  3. haha! I love it!

  4. Thanks for the like on my post…first like on my new blog! Good luck with the move…I know how hard moving can be! Your daughter #5 is beautiful!

  5. This is fabulous.

  6. Before my recent move I asked a “new girl” in my “old” neighborhood a question…. “this packing stuff is hard, but I bet the hardest part will be when I get there… right? When all of our friends/support are gone.” Surprisingly she said, “no, its actually a bit of a relief!” I get that now… with the packing and planning and preparation behind us, life really does feel a lot easier. More simple. Good luck with your move… you have a lot to look forward to!

  7. Hilarious!!

  8. I laughed my way through this! Your three-year-old and mine would get along famously!

  9. That was great! Thanks for such a cute story. Hope your move goes well!

  10. That’s a funny story! I couldn’t imagine making a move like that with 5 kids – the thought of going to Wal-Mart with my two (sons) is enough to make me decide to stay home. Good luck to you 🙂

  11. Don’t kids just say (and hear) the darndest things?! Too cute 🙂

  12. Oh.. and thanks for ‘liking’ my blog!!

  13. cjsparkle


  14. Thanks for liking my blog. After reading yours I feel like a kindred spirit. I moved several times with multiple children. I remember my youngest pulling things out of the boxes as fast as I could get them in there. LOL Good luck with your move.

  15. OMG – that’s hilarious! From one mother of 5 to another, there’s never a dull moment, is there?!? You’re planning a big move! We’re planning a move about 3km away and the thought and stress of even the thought of it is convincing me that I should take up drinking in the afternoon! *grin*

    • You are gonna wait until afternoon???? It is quite an ordeal, but also a GREAT family adventure. We are really enjoying it….so far!

  16. have always lived in the same area so I can’t imagine moving with 5 kids.I laughed so hard at your story because it sounds like a typical day with my kids and grandkids.Also thank you for liking my blog

  17. Love this! I think Chuck E Cheese was create as punishment for all past sins parents have made 🙂 Except now I have been there so much and I know I was not that bad in my life.
    Good luck with the move, we move often as well. What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. Love your blog.

  18. Thanks for following. Wow! Life can be a great adventure! Go for it!

  19. Thanks for the LIKE on my post.

  20. Three year olds — with teenagers in the house, we’ve been out of it for awhile, but with our soon-to-be-three grandchild regularly being in and out, I’m enjoying the reminder. These little people think differently, and sometimes, it’s not a bad reminder to us adults that life is all about the rising electric bill, pink slips from a job you never liked anyway, and the neighbor’s endlessly barking dog.

    thank you for visiting, and subscribing to, Middle Aged Plague.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your noisy, busy, messy, amazing family!

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