“Hey, Mom? Can’t We Just Live in a Tent on the Beach for a While?”

“Beautiful Home in a Beautiful Community.” I clicked on the Craigslist posting.

“HOLY MACARONI!!!” yelled my middle child, who was sitting next to me, as the pictures popped up, “Just LOOK at this house! I want it! Can we move in? Can we?”

A roof over our heads. Probably our number one priority since our decision to relocate to South Carolina, and I am already falling in love with the very first one I am looking at. A large, gabled house, with perfectly manicured gardens around it – the pictures of the interior show spacious rooms with arched doorways, windows exuding LOTS of sunlight. With an open floorplan, everything looks light and airy –  summery. I still have my Christmas decorations up…

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2 thoughts on ““Hey, Mom? Can’t We Just Live in a Tent on the Beach for a While?”

  1. I love reading your blog. You make me laugh. Although, having just left the South a year ago, I can’t imagine wanting to move there. All that heat and humidity. I’m just going to be a snow bird myself and visit the sun each December.

  2. “House on sticks”? I like that.

    When we moved back to Texas (from sunny CA), we bought a tent to live in in the park where my husband (at the time) was hired to work, while scouting out the real estate in El Paso. For two or three days, we had great fun camping out until a strong wind blew our tent down. (I still loved it; he, not so.)

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