“Hello? I’m in labor, but let me put my make-up on first…”

Daughter #5

My oldest child’s birthday is tomorrow and I will then officially have a teenager in the house.

“Is there anything special you want to do?” I asked her this morning. She shrugged her shoulder in a very grown up way and pushed her blonde hair away from her blue eyes, “Six flags?”

Yep…ANOTHER sign. The girls are pining for – water – the ocean. Daughters # 1 and #2 were both born on Cape Cod. On the day Daughter #1 was born, I looked out the window of my hospital room. It overlooked the water and even though it was a typical New England winter day, a couple of boats were tied to the pier. The golden sun glittered off the rippling water and it was a bit hard to tell what the temperature actually WAS outside.

When Daughter #2 was born, my room again overlooked the water, but it was summer this time, and fun-looking relaxed people sunned themselves on their boats and I clearly remember a champagne toast at sunset that evening in late August. This time the sun reflected off fine crystal and shattered into a million different pieces on deck.

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One thought on ““Hello? I’m in labor, but let me put my make-up on first…”

  1. The story about your husband fainting after catching the baby–priceless. So funny with those EMT’s!!! Wonderful about #1 and #5 being so bonded! By the way, what type of laundry detergent did you use on that blanket? Also, did your makeup get smeared? LOVE this post!

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