“Mommy? Why Do You Get to Eat Chicken Wings for Breakfast?”

“Mommy? Why do you get to eat chicken wings for breakfast?” asked a sleepy little voice this morning.

Yikes! I hate it when they sneak up on you when you’re just in that moment of private delight. Like right now, when I was getting ready to eat my spicy leftover chicken wings before the girls woke up and claimed it for themselves. And the quarter of a container full of Overloaded Caramel ice cream I was going to devour next.

“Want one?” I held out a generous brick-red colored, hot-sauce covered drumstick and offered it to her, hoping it would bribe the six year old to be quiet. Instead, it activated the megaphone in her mouth and she invited all her sisters downstairs to share.

At least, I still had my ice cream that I had managed to hide in a deep, dark corner of my freezer, still wrapped up in the plastic bag from the store. I could already taste the gooey caramel.

As the group attacked the wings, Daughter #2 – my child with a bottomless pit for a stomach, started to pout, “Mommy! There aren’t enough wings to go around!” she held up the empty take-out container…

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3 thoughts on ““Mommy? Why Do You Get to Eat Chicken Wings for Breakfast?”

  1. LOVE IT! I caused a minor riot here one morning when the girls caught me eating Oreos and leftover lo mein for breakfast — glad I’m not the only one.

  2. happy to see I’m not the only one 😉

  3. Oh, I am holding my belly laugh in just barely. This reminds me so much of the time as a second grader, I was helping my mother with chores on Saturday and starting to pull the linens from my parent’s bed to take to the washing machine. What did I find but a partially eaten box of my favorite brand of luxury chocolates between the mattress and boxsprings? I knew I would be caught if I sneaked one,so I took the whole box into the kitchen and asked if I could have one? You know what, I got praised for being so polite and honest! I am STILL shocked over that one!

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