“Just Don’t Make Him – Don’t Make Anyone – Your Meatloaf!”

I woke up this morning with a tingling burst of schoolgirl excitement.

Today is the beginning of my “birthday octave” – the eight days before and the eight days after my birthday. The two week period where I get special treatment and goodies from my family – little things like breakfast in bed, dishes being done with having to ask anyone and delightful little trinkets at the most unexpected times.

We love to celebrate and entertain in my family. A LOT. And with so much celebrating, I cook. A LOT. The kitchen to me is such a passionate room, a magical place where bright colors and delicious smells, heavenly taste and animated conversations take place. Where promises are made, secrets are told and the bonds of friendships are strengthened – over good food and drink. Where individuality expresses itself in all sorts of flavors.

And where messes made by five kids are the easiest to clean up.

This morning’s mess came compliments of some science experiments…

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2 thoughts on ““Just Don’t Make Him – Don’t Make Anyone – Your Meatloaf!”

  1. Wonderful, wonderful memories of many childhood times in the kitchens of my mother and both my grandmothers! Experiments right alongside the freshly made strawberry jam and the brownies and the roasting chicken with all the right herbs and real butter running down the sides!

  2. Two things that make it or break it in a house: the kitchen and closet space. Hold your ground and don’t settle!

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