“Oh Deer…First Thing This Morning!”

OK, I may really dislike winter, but even I have to admit that seeing deer in my yard first thing in the morning…was VERY lovely 🙂


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23 thoughts on ““Oh Deer…First Thing This Morning!”

  1. It sure would be. The snow does look lovely thought. We haven’t had much this year. It’s been a non-happening. Nice picture.

  2. Deer are great! Until you hit them with your car :-/

    • I’ve been there and done that. When my dad did it, he brought it home and field dressed it. We ate venison for months. Ah, growing up in Ohio.

  3. Oh wow! I’d have to go miles to find one (and then it would ignore me!)
    Hate Winter too. Thought it had gone but then this morning we had a flurry of flakes!

  4. Nice. They are so serene and gentle-looking. Your yard looks like a park. In California, most of us do not see that much space unless it is in a park.

    No deer here. No snow at 1,300 feet in our dry, mountainous country. But, we have been watched by coyotes and rabbits. Once visited by a baby rattlesnake which was captured under our sofa. A mountain lion was observed asleep one morning on our neighbor’s welcome mat.

  5. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I love seeing the deer in my yard–even if they’re nibbling off the emerging tulips and daffodils.

  6. Lovely!!

  7. What a cool picture!

  8. We have an entire herd that runs through our yards and along our creek and into our wood patches, right here in the middle of this small NW Alabama city! So I celebrate deer in the yard along with you!

  9. Nice! Gotta love the deer in the snow! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I moved from Michigan to Texas, one of the reasons is because of my hatred for winter. I do find myself periodically missing the fallling snow…..and even the deer!

  11. I love seeing deer, too. I missed them when we lived abroad and have yet to see one since our return to the states. So thanks for posting this!

  12. Snow! There’s something I haven’t seen much of this year in Boston…

  13. I envy you the snow and hope you keep on enjoying the deer. Some do, some don’t.

  14. Just a malcontent at heart I guess! I love the snow where I came from originally in Indiana but I had to move to Florida if I wanted to be near my granddaughter as she grew up. Beautiful photo!

  15. Come down to Central Texas. We have them all year long in the front yard, back yard and on the patio

  16. We had a whole family of deer visit us, despite the fact we live in the middle of town. They are lovely to look at, aren’t they? But I don’t like for them to nibble my hosta.

  17. I would have loved some of that snow in a cool drink about a month ago when it was nearly 40degrees C in Perth, Western Australia 🙂

  18. Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog, it means a lot :), I must say I’ve stopped by your blog now and you serve as an inspiration!



  19. Out here in Vegas we never get any snow lol, it would be nice to wake up to this every once in awhile

  20. Must be nice… Out here in Vegas we never get any snow lol..

  21. sudebaker

    I love it! We’ve had deer in our front yard – and we live in town! They ate the strawberries 😦 and nibbled the roses. My husband, former-Las-Vegan-turned-farmer, was not amused. Hey, thanks for following my blog, too 🙂

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