Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yes, I have collected yet another sparkling jewel to add to my necklace of life. It’s growing longer and more beautiful with every passing year.

I can never understand why people get upset with age. To me it’s another year of life’s internship completed, making us that much more valuable to this magnificent “company” we are all part of called the human race. We have another year of wisdom secured under belts and another year’s worth of experiences to refer back to.

“Mommy?? We’re going to Chuck E. Cheese’s for your birthday, too, right Mommy, right?” my youngest has been asking ever since the ride home from her last birthday party there.

I’m almost ready to say “yes”, at this point – it seems easier than explaining why NOT twenty times a day.

“Are you gonna have a Barney cake?” she asks.

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Happy, happy, and happiest of birthdays to you, dear Vicky! Love ice cream AND cheesecake for my birthdays, thank you very much! Hey, and I would not mind going to ChuckECheese again! I agree with you sister, you are going to have a very special year!

  2. Have fun at chuck e. cheese’s on your birthday!! 🙂

  3. happy, Happy, HAPPY birthday to YOU!

  4. Gratz, I think its a wonderful thing when you are 1 year closer toward retirement!! woo-hoo.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy happy birthday to you! You should go do Chuck E without the kids 😉

  7. happy birthday to you!

  8. Happy birthday!!! May this be your best year yet.

  9. Hi Victoria thanks for following my blog and liking my post. Best wishes!!!!

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