“Mommy? Do you think Grandpa’s ghost will follow us to Myrtle Beach?”

Today is the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

It is also the anniversary of my Daddy’s death.

My last post ended with my doorbell ringing. There wasn’t anyone there when I answered, and oddly enough, I was not at all surprised.

Ever since my father passed away, little weird things have been happening – some of them triggering sheer panic in my daughters who have developed an irrational fear of the bathroom- they claim to hear weird voices in there.

Thinking back on it, I realize it – the weird things – began the day he died.

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2 thoughts on ““Mommy? Do you think Grandpa’s ghost will follow us to Myrtle Beach?”

  1. Hi Vicky,
    I am so glad that you visited Grits and Purls when you did, because I am absolutely loving reading your blog. This is a great post. I hope that your ” ‘haint ” (Southern for ghost, at least where I come from) follows you and your girls and continues ringing door bells, inspiring the writers and leaving pennies. Your Dad sounds like he was a truly amazing person.Sorry for your loss, but glad that you can celebrate his memory.

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