Time to Sparkle!

Easter is one of the most exciting holidays – signifying rebirth and a brand new, exciting beginning – full of beauty and wonder (like our move to either Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach). Today we go crazy and decorate everything in sight with pastel colors. And glitter. LOTS and LOTS of glitter.

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16 thoughts on “Time to Sparkle!

  1. Glitter and sparkle are our favorite colors

  2. glitter. ewww.

  3. We are going to Lancaster SC this Saturday to meet up with other family members to celebrate Easter and Jaydon’s birthday. There will be a lot of kids there so I hope we color some eggs.

  4. therandomsoflife

    Can never have too much glitter!! We will be doing similar 🙂

  5. who doesn’t love glitter???

  6. haha! Today we are bracing for tomorrow’s egg-dyeing spree. I’m crossing my fingers that only the eggs (and not our furniture!!) will come out multi-colored.

  7. That’s what girls are for, GLITTER all.the.time. Out eldest Gooner is totally excited about finding eggs. I’m new to your blog…what is the status of your big move? We missed winter and LOVED our move from Texas to Colorado! Ha, exactly the other end of the spectrum.

  8. Glitter is the best!

  9. Have fun. Spring. Easter egg hunts. Girls just wanting to have fun!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I look forward to following your journey towards the south! I will be doing the opposite in a few weeks, heading from Miami to New Jersey with my four babies…except they have a lot more hair than yours and four legs! haha 🙂 All the best!

  11. I decorate my Kindergarten classroom at this time of year with pastels and colorful Easter eggs…so pretty!

  12. I like the map in your header picture, that’s a great idea. Have a glittery sparkly Easter!

  13. Happy Easter Vicky! Got to make some paste eggs.

  14. Glitter for Easter, eh? I always thought glitter was for the Spice Girls.

  15. Sticky Fingers

    I love glitter! But hate the mess! Thanks so much for following my blog! It means a lot to me. I am hoping I can make some money doing it and quit my day job. Wouldn’t that be something?!!

  16. Lovely colors and shine and sparkle are all part of this blessed springtime and this blessed time of celebrating new life! Hooray!

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