The Calm Before the Storm…

The Calm Before the Storm...

Daughters #3, #4 and #5 trying REALLY hard to impress the Easter Bunny with their good behavior.

I am taking a poll on how long this will last…

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25 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm…

  1. Sunday afternoon, maximum.

  2. Until the chocolate rush hits …

  3. that is so sweet. thanks for sharing

  4. Such beautiful girls….happy Easter!

  5. Fifteen minutes- two hours, depending on what they’re hoping for!

  6. They certainly do look angelic. 🙂

  7. If it were my two – long enough till they get the chocolate bunny! Good luck!!

  8. In our house it ended about 10 min before his appearance… Or maybe we just waited too long??? 🙂
    Darling photo!

  9. Great photo!

  10. Jennifer Butler Basile

    Could they come give my girls (at least two of them!) a lesson!? The excitement is killing ME!

    Thanks for coming to visit and following my blog!

  11. So cute! Hopefully it will last until the candy comes, then all bets are off!

  12. I hope they convince the living daylights out of the East Bunny. Who could refuse such sweet and innocent faces?

  13. Made me smile…. Butter wouldn’t melt! (did it last?!)

  14. clownonfire

    Storm has already hit, right?
    Le Clown

  15. they are so adorable

    thank you for stopping by my blog, have a blessed Easter.

  16. adoptingjames

    Iol. I thought being good was only for Santa Claus. Anyway, hope they get lots of goodies!

  17. Depends on how long their attention span is … I’m betting, not much longer than it too to pose for these pics?

  18. So beautiful!!! How could the Easter Bunny pass them up?

  19. these are very pretty ladies….the Easter bunny will definitely be impressed!

  20. Matt

    those girls are too cute, you should delete this post for over-cuteness overload!!! 🙂

  21. denisehowe

    Too cute, funny how they are always on their best behaviour lol!

  22. Adorable. My son does the same irresistible pose when he wants to go to the Lego store. Love these moments. Makes me smile all the time. Have a blessed day!

  23. montessori21stcentury

    Great photo! Very interesting blog Vicky! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the AMC blog.

  24. These little girls are adorable easter bunnies in and of themselves! Bless you for sharing this precious photo capture of them.

  25. Your daughters are so adorable! I hope their good behaviors lasted : )

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