What Would YOU Do?

My 5 daughters and I are spending today doing some VERY SERIOUS, LAST MINUTE debating whether we should move to our beloved Cape Cod, or be adventurous and opt for exciting (and MUCH WARMER) Myrtle Beach.

What’s your vote?

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53 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do?

  1. I vote Myrtle Beach, just for the warm weather! (even though I’ve never been to either Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach)

  2. I have never been to Cape Cod but Myrtle Beach is BEAUTIFUL! Tough choices! Good luck trying to pick one!

  3. faithandpixels

    That’s a tough one. I myself prefer warmer weather so I’d probably go with Myrtle Beach. I wish I could move somewhere new. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  4. Go for the big exciting change!!!!! I love change. You get to keep your old friends and memories and make brand new ones to go with those!!!!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!!!!

  5. Mrytle Beach. In a heartbeat. I need warm weather though, so…

  6. Easy- Myrtle Beach! But what do I know- I’ve never been to either.

  7. faithandpixels

    I personally prefer warmer weather so I would probably go with Myrtle Beach. I wish I could move somewhere new. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  8. We’re planning on giving Myrtle Beach a whirl this summer so that’d be my vote!!

  9. Def. Myrtle Beach!

  10. depends on how important the weather is to your daily life. for me, it’d be myrtle. probably. well, maybe not. see – it’s simple.

  11. Myrtle Beach. I like warm places.

  12. moorestorms

    For me….Cape Cod! Myrtle beach would be too warm for me I think.

  13. I would go for whatever is new, but that’s just me. If you never done either, I would do the warmer–but I’m a warm weather person.

  14. If it were me I’d head to warm weather in Myrtle Beach, and visit Cape Cod during the winter holidays — that way you’ve got the best of both worlds.

  15. For me that is a difficult question. I currently live in Charleston and I have also lived on the Cape. Both locations have their plus and minuses. I guess it comes down to where your family lives and true friends live, the type of weather you like, community, people and environment. Also Cape Cod is more expensive than Myrtle Beach but due to shorter summers you have fewer tourist to deal with on the Cape. In the end it comes down to what your heart says.

  16. Hahaha … dont ask me, I just moved from Sydney, Australia to San Francisco. Go where your heart tells you to go. Maybe you can’t decide because you aren’t ready to make the move yet?

  17. Do you know how lucky you are to be able to make this kind of decision with your kids? Back when it was just Aisley and I, (my older girl) I could really succumb to my gypsy tendencies so much more! Now that there is a new baby and a grown up man to factor into the equation, plus school for Aisley…sigh. I’d be in Myrtle in a minute, dear. If only I could.
    Hahaha…I just realized that I live on the Monterey Peninsula, where LOT’s of people would give their teeth to live. How sad for me, right? Good luck to you, whatever you decide!

  18. moving is always exciting…and wow you guys have two choices!? very cool. I agree with the above comment (chris Hall’s)…

    i would pick the warmer place, since I cant stand the cold. but everyone has their own preferences…take a majority vote!!!

  19. Well I am a “Carolina boy”, so I say, what could be finer than to be in Carolina…?

  20. Whichever is the closest to family, friends and a good support system.

  21. Well I have to say I’d go with Cape Cod but I’m partial to Mass I was born and raised here. I’ve lived here forever and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

    Yes it would be warmer down south, but here in New England if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes it’ll change.

  22. Not knowing you at all, as a good Southern girl, I’d move to Myrtle. But I think you’d probably end up with a lifestyle you prefer on the Cape… and still have all the great beach experiences! What a great conundrum – debating which beach 🙂

  23. I’m just jealous you’re moving. I need to get the gumption to pack up and move. was it hard? scary? challenging?

  24. Living in the northeast, I’d opt for the warmth. . .

  25. We recently moved from cold South Australia where we were surrounded by family and friends to Queensland. Gotta say I love it, I love it, I love it! I love the weather, I love having new places to explore and I love making new friends. Ths move has taught me that I should be brave and follw my dreams! I hope you reach a decision that is right for you – good luck.

  26. Living on Cape Cod, I can say it’s beautiful here. I love it. I don’t know Myrtle Beach. But in the end it’s up to you and how you feel about each location 🙂

  27. I’m a southerner – I vote Myrtle Beach. 🙂

  28. If you’re fond of sand dunes and salt sea air… You’re sure to fall in love with olde Cape Cod!

  29. Hey Vicki, Thanks for stopping by today at The Letter Drawer and liking my Oxymoronic SAHM post! In spite of living in Costa Rica, I too am a northern Chicky. I grew up in the Chicago area and my heart belongs to Maine, Canada and Minnesota. That being said, I would go Cape Cod in a MOMENT! I have been there once and was absolutely flabbergasted by the beauty and history we stumbled upon. But, you see, I’m a sucker for the NE too.

  30. helensadornmentsblog

    Wow, some serious discussions. Good luck in your decision making.

  31. rachstick

    Myrtle Beach. definitely

  32. You have to trust your gut instinct. Don’t overanalyze it. Personally… Cape Cod. But I’m a Northern California girl and I like my beaches on the cold, but picturesque, side.

  33. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I’m all for moving on…………

  34. reverend61

    Well, are you fond of sand dunes and salty air / quaint little villages here and there?

    (Sorry, can never resist a Patti Page reference.)

  35. I live in Myrtle Beach and I have never been to Cape Cod but I do know that here, you have everything from the beach to mountains within driving distance. You have deep south charm of Savannah within 4 hours and deep mountain beauty of Ashville, NC as well. I love living here because I can drive to any place I want within a day. My vote would be Myrtle Beach 🙂

  36. If you move South, I think you’d be happier close to but not in Myrtle. Maybe Georgetown…

  37. you should judge all the pros and cons before moving.

  38. We moved once from our home to the Carolinas – and came screaming back. It wasn’t about the temperature, but about what we considered home and where we realized we truly fit.

  39. Myrtle Beach…but the summers are HOT. I don’t know though, its very touristy in some parts, but mostly in the summer. Good luck with your decision!

  40. Which place has the guy on the boardwalk? I’m a palm trees and coconuts kind of girl myself (living in Michigan) but the thought of warm summer breezes all year sounds grand!

  41. Being a Southern girl from Mississippi, and having raised my own wonderful in Georgia (with MANY visits to the beaches there) and with my grandchildren now in Georgia (just returned from spring break/Holy Week in Savannah and environs), I vote for Myrtle Beach, hands down. And the food is SO much better down South!

  42. bellissimom

    I also am a fan of change every now and then. It is nice to have a change of scenery and it gives the kids a new perspective on the world, which I think is important.

  43. Flip a coin?

  44. Myrtle Beach! I am from Israel but my mother is from South Carolina, and I remember going to Myrtle Beach being one of THE WORST FAMILY ROAD TRIPS ever. On the other hand, she continues to rave about it, so there must be something special about it.
    Thanks for checking out my blog, by the way!

  45. That’s a hard one. What I would do is put both of them in a hat and pick one out and tell the kids that’s what’s happening. Check their reactions…are they relieved that it was that choice or are they (and you!) upset that the other one wasn’t picked? Kind of simplistic and maybe not the answer, but I find that when it’s going to be chosen for me by “fate”, I decide quickly what thing I want more. Maybe even just talking about having it decided for you all will help you decide which way you’re all leaning!

    Best of luck!

  46. Such a hard decision, the one to move, and where. Are you moving away from family? We did that before we had kids, and once the kids arrived it was very hard for us to be away from all the celebrations and things, so we moved back closer to family, even though we like the weather better in the other state. I’d also have to consider cost of living (would you have to give up certain things to live in a certain place?) and the quality of schools!

  47. project1979

    Good luck with your decisions. I think you probably know the best place for you already and won’t make a mistake with either one (such great choices)!
    Thanks for the follow 🙂

  48. My mother lives full-time on “the Cape” and while I couldn’t do it (crazy quiet in the winter and super crazy tourist traffic in the summer), my mother just loves its. I’ve never been to Myrtle, though. Might be the same thing, right?

  49. Definitely Cape Cod, think of all of the History stuff that you can study! Plimouth Plantation, Boston, Lexington and Concord, Salem, etc etc etc ( I live in Southeastern MA)

  50. I haven’t been to both places but f I were in your shoe, I would be on my knees seeking God’s answer. How would I know which one is? Whichever is both good and perfect – that’s it. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read my blog. May God bless you and our family as He establishes the road ahead of you! 🙂

  51. anjig

    Hmmm, I think I’m for Cape Cod…

  52. I havent been to either city (Aussie…) so I’m not sure I can comment on either place, except that wasn’t Cape Cod the place from the movie Cape Fear?!?
    Seriously though, congrats on the move! I just cant get over the fact that you have 5 DAUGHTERS!!!! So much fun!

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