Hello. I’m Victoria. And I’m Insatiable.

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my little blog and leaving such lovely comments and nominating me for awards. I am replying to each and every one of them – hence the delay. Thank you all so much for taking some precious time from your day and spending it with me!!

Next, I would like to thank every one who gave me their vote on moving to either Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach. They votes are still steadily coming in and I will certainly let you know what the general consensus is.

I have spent the nights last week studying for my first test in my gemology course – there is something so incredibly addicting about learning all the minutiae about something you’re passionate about. So, I guess I would describe myself as such – I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and facts. I google EVERYTHING. 

Calming Passion

In my insatiable quest for learning new things, I have taught myself to make these pendants which are still in their “curing” stage for about 3 days. When they will be hard enough, I will wrap them with silver or gold and add some gemstones and they will go up for sale.

This series of all-nighters – studying and learning, however, had Bob – my devoted coffee maker working overtime all day and all night, and I just want to throw out a quick “thank you” to him for his unplugged support.

Lately, I have noticed some of my eggs have been slowly disappearing from the fridge. At first, I simply assumed that I have been just working too hard and not paying attention to my inventory. Well, I thought that only until I noticed my youngest sneaking one under her shirt and running into her bedroom with it. I followed her, my mind thinking automatically of the scrambled mess of raw eggs I was probably going to discover.

I watched as she bent down under her bed and pulled out a tangle of clothes. Carefully, opening it up, I could see a cluster of about 4 white eggs and I saw her touch each one as she counted softly. She then pulled out her newest egg, and kissing it gently, placed it with all the others. She wrapped up her package again, and slid her precious bundle back under the bed.

She almost pooped in her pants when she stood up and saw me watching her.

“I was saving the baby chicks,” she said, “I don’t want you to cook them up.”

Some of the perks of homeschooling are the ability to #1 – have field trips at the drop of a hat, and #2 – take advantage of shoulder and off-season deals on vacations – which, kinda ties in with #1, as the vacation also doubles as a field trip (every homeschool family knows you NEVER have time off from learning at home – everything is a learning opportunity).

So, I am REALLY looking forward to our upcoming impromptu vacation, and even though we are moving to the ocean shortly, we I need to be pampered a little. So, my weekly grocery list will include, oatmeal, strawberries, cucumbers and yogurt – for the proper nourishment of my and the girls’ skin (NEVER too young to start taking care of your skin) – and, I suppose, we will eat the leftovers (which will probably be a shock to our systems as we have been living on a quite the bit of take-out and delivery this past week while I studied and worked).

I am so grateful that my daughters are all insatiable learners as well, they goggle everything and then get a kick stumping me – so today, while the girls all google and learn everything they can about our vacation destination, from history to local recipes, I will sit down with my youngest and help her learn about fertilization as well.

Sigh…I suppose the stork story isn’t going to work this time.

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22 thoughts on “Hello. I’m Victoria. And I’m Insatiable.

  1. How precious is your little one for saving the baby chicks…until the eggs get stinky.

    One of my online students is taking world geography from me. She is home schooled. When she learned about the Grand Canyon, her parents packed up the RV and went on a little vacation and field trip to the Grand Canyon. What a wonderful way to learn!

  2. Oh how nice – you are a homeschoolers. I think I missed that. I love how you wrote this and posted it even though it was not done. I could learn from that. I over think my posts!! Cool on the gems! Nicole

  3. i don’t know who said this – i think it was freud – if you have a tough choice, toss a coin and see how you feel after you get an answer. if you feel good about the answer, then go with it. if you say “okay, two out of three,” then you know what answer it is that you really wanted.

  4. Beautiful pendants. I look forward to being able to purchase some.

    Kids are such fun with their curious open minds.

  5. The gems are awesome!

    Your kids are the darn cutest ones. They need a mom just like you!

  6. Might have to go with the ‘modified’ stork story i.e. what really happens … good luck with the icky parts!

  7. That was wayyy too cute! How sweet can you get. I could almost see her face as she told you she was saving the babies…aww

  8. oh my goodness the egg thing is sooo funny. thanks for reading my blog & i’m loving your blog!!

  9. onestopmamashop

    “I was saving the baby chicks”…that is too cute!

  10. First, thank you for liking and folloowing my blog lipstickjourney. Second, I admire you for deciding on such a big move. it’s something we contemplate often (I’m sure it will happen). Third, I love love love your pendants and your insatiable appetite for knowledge! Thanks Again!

  11. Thanks for the follow..look forward to reading your posts

  12. Give her age appropriate info with no hint of embarrasssment even if you have to fake not having any.
    John Wilder

  13. Just wait it is only a matter of time before you pick up that southern drawl, your girls will pick it even quicker

  14. So funny about the eggs! Cute. Love the gems.

  15. Very sweet post! I love that your daughter tried to save the chicks :)…Our first ideas are the building blocks to better undestanding. I wonder if she would understand the incubation process, and be able to differntiate between fertilized and non-fertilized eggs. I think the stork needs a break from backin up our stories, too :D… I understand that she’s young. I also see that she has an understanding beyond her years. You have done a wonderful job of cultivating their natural curiosity and learning. Great post!

  16. Wonderful times you are having with your creations and your homeschooling and your vacation planning and your gemology course. I just treasure the story about “saving” the chicks from non-fertilized eggs!

  17. I especially enjoyed your story about your daughter saving the chicks! What a kind-hearted person!

  18. Awwww. Love the story about the eggs! Your daughter sounds like such a sweetie. Good job! I’m looking forward to starting home school with my toddler this fall. Thanks for liking my blog post! I’ll be checking back on yours now. Good stuff!

  19. Vicky, thank you so much for visiting my blog and choosing to follow it. Like you, I suppose I am insatiable for knowledge, as I suppose you gathered if you read “about me” on my site. I hope you stay tuned for further travel articles, and check out Yahoo! Travel for some of my other articles on the world wanderings of my wife and I. Cheers, Don

  20. Love reading about 5 girls! So different from my household! They sound adorable 🙂

  21. Thanks so much for your visit to Play a Good Knife and Fork and liking my Rome photos. Enjoy the adventure…. Cheers, PK

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