All I Want for Mother’s Day is to be Naked in Peace.

I am NOT very pleased with the person who taught my youngest to jimmy locked doors.

I am particularly perturbed at that person when I’m in the shower and I never hear the door open – just the whoosh of my pink-on-pink shower curtain before the icy breeze grabs at my exposed body parts (for some reason, I can never remember to turn on the heating lamps).

“Whatcha doin’, Mommy? Can you make me some more chocolate milk?” My three year old’s big blue eyes blink as if she thinks I really am doing nothing.

“I will do it as soon as I get out of the shower, OK Fluffy-Butt?”

She shuffles out, and, as always, leaves the door ajar.

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7 thoughts on “All I Want for Mother’s Day is to be Naked in Peace.

  1. I remember those days. Now it is the kids who have all the locked doors. I think it so funny that no one in this household can change without locking the door. I guess I may have been a little neurotic about privacy when they were younger. Ooops. Good luck on getting that shower.

  2. Me too. Oh, and a cup of tea that is still hot when I get to the bottom of the mug!!!

  3. amazing ass you have there.

  4. Heavens, yes. It never fails . . . as soon as the bathroom is nice and steamy, two little girls both decide they need to go potty at the same time, and neither can wait. Since we have only two bedrooms, I end up in the same jam as you!

    I am SERIOUSLY considering buying a rubber doorstop to jam under the door. They can’t jimmy that!

  5. My two year old is famous being “scarin'” (scared) when I get nice and warm in the shower. There are tears. It’s pathetic. Sometimes I don’t get that second rinse or conditioner before I have to rescue him. Then it’s declared a hat day. 🙂

  6. Ack, I remember those times. When I couldn’t even go to the toilet without an entourage. Now my two eldest live in different countries to me, and the two youngest are surly teenagers, who want to walk two steps away from me in the street because I am just too embarrassing (they grow out of that one, too).
    They are little for such a short time …

  7. SO very clearly remember those days of never-uninterrupted Mommy bathtime! Wonderful sharing here.

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