The Man Who Lives In the Woods Behind My House…


There is an old man who lives in the wide expanse of woods behind my house. He committed a hideous crime – it was so bad, I can’t even describe it – and was sent to prison. Life sentences – nine of them. He was a very clever, very shrewd man, and in 1999, the year my oldest daughter was born,  through careful planning, he escaped, and ran into the woods behind our house where he has lived ever since. There’s even a lean-to that you can see if you go deep, deep into the brush.

Anyway, that’s the story I made up to tell my girls every time we wander through the beautiful, lush woods…

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3 thoughts on “The Man Who Lives In the Woods Behind My House…

  1. Well, thanks so much for tagging me. The questions I am answering is the one about the favorite part of my day, which is early morning! So disgusting to my friends and half my family, that I am a relentlessly cheerful early morning person. I will post my own eleven questions and leave them open to all my followers to enter in their comments. Hopefully, I will have done this within the next two days. Bless you for thinking of me. I applaud you on making the decisions you made about your career and your boyfriend.

  2. William Stadler

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. haha

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