Honey, Don’t Drip Water On the Floor – There’ll Be Weird Clean Spots…

During storms I like to light candles. And turn off all the lights. And enjoy feeling the raw power of Mother Nature envelope me – filling my senses.

My five girls sit by the windows, watching and waiting. Watching the raindrops plunge heavily downward, using the grass and flowers and little red wagon as trampolines. Waiting for my “OK” (for the lightning and thunder to pass) to run outside – barefoot, of course – and cover each other with globs of mud and then rinse that mud off in the torrential downpour.

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4 thoughts on “Honey, Don’t Drip Water On the Floor – There’ll Be Weird Clean Spots…

  1. Wonderful how many of my blogging friends are posting about watching thunderstorms today. Guess it is that time of year, right? Anyway, I remember all the muddy tracks on our porches after jumping in rain puddles after the worst of the storm had passed. Terriffically bonding memories your girls are building, Vicky! Hooray!

  2. After it rains and the boys come in soaking wet and full of mud it adds to the “rustic” feel of our home. 🙂

  3. I remember when I was a kid a salesman came to the door while my mom was away and tried to convince my stepdad to buy some sort of floor cleaner. He more or less just pushed his way in and cleaned a spot on the floor. And boy did that clean spot stick out! We (stepdad and kids) spent quite awhile trying to dirty it again to match the rest of the floor so my mom wouldn’t have a fit when she came home. 🙂

  4. Superb shot! Great to get the kids excited about thunderstorms – all the right signals 😉

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