Why is There Alpaca Fur on the Floor in my Children’s Room?

I am a LOVER of surprises…

What I am NOT a lover of, is coming home and discovering a white floor covering in my 6 and 8 year old daughters bedroom. Especially when this white floor covering is actually an eight foot by five foot, white alpaca fur rug. Did I mention it’s white?

“Daddy got it for us,” my six year reported excitedly as she sprawled out on it, petting it, nuzzling the long fur. “He said he saw it and just knew we had to have it!”

Cranberry juice. Orange juice. Grape juice. Chocolate. Gum. Paint. Clay. Glue. Throw-up…

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2 thoughts on “Why is There Alpaca Fur on the Floor in my Children’s Room?

  1. My immediate response would be, “And Daddy’s going to be the one that cleans it, too 🙂 “–Kelly

  2. What a heavenly rug! Okay, so it is not at all practical–but how utterly deprived and grey would our lives be with only the “practical” furnishing our environments! I almost went to blissful dreamland just reading about this wonderul Alpaca Fur and silk rug–PURE WHITE! Like floating on clouds with the angels!

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