I’ve Got 8 Bottles of Frisky-Hued Nail Polish, So What the Heck Am I Still Doing in NY?

I’ve been dragging my feet lately regarding our move to either the Cape or Myrtle Beach. And the reason is the weather.

Putting aside the slight drought, it’s been gorgeous just about every single day. Closing your eyes and sipping a cool drink is a lot easier than poring over thousands of houses. Dreaming of running in slow motion on the beach and falling, giggling, in the sand, in the arms of that really good looking guy who jogs around the Myrtle Beach boardwalk in the mornings dressed in blue and white, is a lot more relaxing than thinking about packing and moving trucks and unpacking.

And, I’m not quite done saying my good-byes yet. I haven’t even started. The more I close my eyes as I float in my pool…

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Got 8 Bottles of Frisky-Hued Nail Polish, So What the Heck Am I Still Doing in NY?

  1. We still have blocks that are over 20 years old……….a classic indeed. I can relate – I don’t wear nail polish either, at least not on my fingernails. Toes are a different story. Thanks for stopping by my blog and “liking” all those posts about kids. Enjoy the pool today!

  2. Vicky, we have been moving south with you for months now! Yes, it IS time to start packing, even though it is just one of life’s worst chores. Moving is on the top ten list for life’s greatest traumas, I know. But you will LOVE the South–and so will your girls–I can tell by how they prefer simplicity in their recreational activites! And the food cannot be beat!

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