My Happy Ending in Herkimer, NY (wink, wink)

herk-1For approximately the last six months, I have tried to live and breathe just about every moment of my spare time studying and working with gemstones – that’s pretty much the reason for the sad crickets on this, my beloved blog. My hands-down favorite art medium to work with is words, and I have been silent MUCH too long.

During this time, however, I have collected delicious morsels of my quirky life and the time has finally arrived for me to again indulge myself in this sweet heaven of sharing my written art with you.

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5 thoughts on “My Happy Ending in Herkimer, NY (wink, wink)

  1. secaulfield

    What a scene, giving birth on the bathroom floor! Wowza.

  2. Wow, Vicky! Mining for gems! I was passionate about geology, and gems, and all that from my early teens to my early twenties, when I finally signed up to the life of a computer-bound clerk. You must have tones of energy and the most powerful drive to be able to pursue all those ideas. Best of luck with your new enterprise and this blog is definitely for following.


    Hope your hand is doing much better 😕

  4. Hey Vicky,

    Thanks for following my blog. You’re blog is hilarious. I look forward to reading more and stealing lots of great ideas from you :).

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