Butt-Dancing, Pole-Dancing, Disco Dancing – It’s All Good

ZbyszekZbyszek turned into a lovely, snow-covered tree.

That’s what my friends told me that New Year’s Eve night many, many moons ago in Poland. He had been madly in love with my friend Grazyna – who, it turned out, was madly in love with someone else. And apparently, she told him so that night.

In his despair – and after a few many shots of Zytnia wodka – he ran out of the house, sans coat, and into the woods behind the house we were celebrating in.

“O Matko!” wailed Grazyna as she noticed the front door left wide open, blowing snow was beginning to collect like powdered sugar in the hallway, and a gasp followed by whispers, rippled through the room.

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7 thoughts on “Butt-Dancing, Pole-Dancing, Disco Dancing – It’s All Good

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  2. dracula cinta

    nice 😀

  3. Hi – thanks for following my blog! I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award, you can check it out here: http://wp.me/p2rfGG-3e

    Happy weekend!

  4. Thanks for the follow. I love the start of this; it sounds like an old fairytale.

  5. Very cool New Year’s. A little drama goes a long way on evenings like those! I can relate.

  6. Excellent!

  7. Uh oh … you may very well be my new best friend!! FUN FUN Blog!

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