Help Needed – Pairing Wines With Whines


YEEHAW!!!! It’s one of THOSE weeks Gotta keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. Is yours going ok?

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13 thoughts on “Help Needed – Pairing Wines With Whines

  1. Ugh, I’ve hated this week so far! And it’s only just started (which means I’ve already gone through my bottle of Pinot Gris). My kiddo is trying to cut all 4 of his first row of molars at the same time. So you know, that’s fun. 😛 Hope your week starts getting better! I’ve got my fingers crossed over here.

  2. askmisslolly

    My week is pretty rubbish so far (as explained in my blog 😦 )
    I have found a little cocktail called “Prohibition Punch” is very helpful. It’s mainly rum & ginger beer but it gets the job done.
    Failing thank, something pink….

  3. Any wine goes good if its a whine day!

  4. haha i’m having the exact same type of weeks. thanks for visiting my blog! yours is great!

  5. Hey, I’m always glad to help…

  6. barrypiatoff

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  7. Indeed, it’s one of THOSE weeks over here too.
    An impending office move is driving the whole office crazy !!!

  8. sirensway

    Indeed it shall!! Hope that today is a super solid one.

  9. First off, let me thank you for reading and following my blog. It seems everytime I think about giving it up, I get new followers that keep me going. I LOVE the title of this post and will check out more of yours. I too made a major change in location. Not sure I’m done with that yet. Stay tuned. 🙂

  10. It has definitely been a rough week…but hey, it is Wednesday so basically half way through…can’t wait until it is over!

  11. You gotta love that wine … or is it whine????

  12. It’s been a challenging few weeks down here, I actually had a day off for illness this week, first time in a year.
    I think it is killing you until it’s over, at which point you recover and it makes you stronger, you just have to survive first.

  13. Hello vnc hope you are well.

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