Psst? Got a Sec?

Saint Padre Pio, please help my dear friend today.

Saint Padre Pio, please help my dear friend today.

Please say a quick prayer that Saint Padre Pio look after a very, very dear friend of mine today who desperately needs his help and guidance dealing with an abusive domestic issue. She needs a miracle. She needs him to please give her a sign that she is doing the right thing.

(Actually, it wouldn’t hurt to ask Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa – and anyone else up there who isn’t too busy – for help either).

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8 thoughts on “Psst? Got a Sec?

  1. My prayers are with your friend. May she be free of suffering. ~ Dennis

  2. My prayers have been sent Vicky. I am a product of an abusive relationship, and growing up witnessing things that should never be done, is a burden I have to bear. I have strong sentiment to anyone in such situation, and always wish I could do more. May your friend have all the guidance, wisdom and strength needed to follow through with her decision.

  3. Sending strength, courage and freedom to your friend.

  4. Sending Chi Energy to you and yours! Love, Annie

  5. Sending positive thoughts to your friend, May she find the courage she needs to find the freedom she deserves.

  6. Dear God, Please have mercy on us especially the friend of Vicky. I ask this in Jesus Name and through the intersession of Prade Pio. Amen.

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