A Little About Vicky

Life with a child is never dull, life with five children is constant fun! I invite you to join me in my crazy journey of transplanting my brood from frigid upstate New York to “tropical” Myrtle Beach.

My name is Victoria, and my children and I have always been drawn to the ocean, but when my best friend, Randi, suggested we move south, I balked. My roots are here in New York, everything I’m familiar with is here. I love the Saratoga racing season in the summer, the culture, SPAC, the history of the Capital Region. In the fall, cruising up and down the Hudson, soaking in the crisp sensations of autumn, apple-picking and cider, kids swaddled in thick colorful sweaters as they gulp down hot cocoa.

Ugh…and then there’s winter. Aside from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, winter sucks. Clearly our family is not too much into winter sports, so we tend to go into hibernation-mode. What a BORING way to live about five months out of the year. I need a change. Which loosely translates into “we need a change”.

So, please click the Like button to the right and/or the Follow button at the top to join us as we embark on this incredible voyage of letting go and embracing, saying good-byes and saying hellos, and just living life to the fullest! And for even more fun, join us at http://www.VickytheNorthernChicky.com!


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  1. Hello! Thanks for liking my most recent post “Tip #38: Lists Rule the World”! Hope you have a good day 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours looks like lots of fun!!

  3. It’s a scary move but in the end you will like it down here! My wife and I also moved to NC from the upstate region.. Rochester! Trust me NC has a lot to offer!

  4. bellissimom

    I am impressed that you find time to blog with 5 kids!! I barely get it done with no kids!

  5. Lisa Bellamy

    Thanks for liking my new post, Vicky! Myrtle Beach isn’t a bad place to relocate. We’re vacationing there this Spring. Can imagine life with 5 children is frantic; have three of my own and am forever on the go!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! We just moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio! It’s not as drastic of a change but still a huge change for us. We are still adjusting!

  7. You can never be too far South! 🙂

  8. Thanks for stopping by…I crave having more kids, but unfortunately am scared at how my wits would hold up (my mom didn’t do so well with 5), but I definitely applaud you for taking on the task and will be back to visit frequently.

  9. Thanks for following my blog! I always wanted a big family so I’m going to live vicariously through yours 🙂

  10. MB

    I live in MN and I echo your sentiments about living in hibernation. I hate it. I have been begging my husband for years to move. I hate winter even though I grew up here. It just sucks. Recently, I found I had a Vit D deficiency. Where do you think that came from? Crappy MN and its NO SUN. So I envy you. Wish we could move, but right now its not an option so I make the best of it. We are having a warmer season here than most years, but I still hate it.

  11. Thank you for following along with Woman In Thrisis! I am always so excited to receive a new follower. Your blog looks interesting and congrats on your life-changing decision! I too have recently relocated south… through not as far as you. But still the transitiont can be daunting, exciting, wonderful and challenging. I wish you luck and I look forward to following you and your family along on your journey!

  12. Hi Vicky, thanks for visiting and following my blog, I really appreciate it. Iy hasn’t been up and running for long so any followers are gratefully received. I certainly admire you for upping sticks and moving all that way with your children and I wish you all the best with it x

  13. Hi Victoriablt, thanks for the sign up for the blog. Yours sounds like a huge adventures. Oh, so many girls you have. I have two step-sons and two little boys so I have a house of five males at times. Oh how I long for some girlie chats and dress ups! Look forward to keeping up with your ride. Cheers, Ros aka paleink

  14. Myrtle Beach has a great sound to it. Wish you well and thanks for following

  15. Thanks for following me! You are one brave lady! I can’t wait to read your adventures!

  16. Michelle

    Thanks for liking and following the blog! Good luck in South Carolina!

  17. That’s a pretty big move! When I was 13 my parents put me through the reverse: Florida to South Dakota!

  18. Thanks for liking “Parenting and Everclear.” I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures and take courage from the fact that you’re blogging regularly with five children. The twins (almost a year old now) keep me hopping but yours must keep you running!

  19. Thanks for the follow. I love the Beach, growing up in California but moved to Missouri in my teens. I kinda did the opposite but I know what you mean about needing a change.

  20. Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for the “like” on my Bird Sanctuary post 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it!


  21. Debbie Johansson

    Hi Vicky. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I congratulate you for making such a move with your family – I’d love to be able to do that. I know what you mean about winter – I love the beach and winter doesn’t seem so bad there. Sounds like a great adventure. 🙂

  22. Thanks for liking my blog. I grew up in Charleston, SC and have many fond memories of Myrtle Beach – I look forward to reading through your post. I now Live in California (15 yrs).

  23. Mimi

    Thanks for the follow and I love your blog. your kids are freaking cute. some of my east coast family live like 3 hours from Myrtle Beach, I look forward to reading your blog.

  24. Hi and thanks for ‘Liking’ my recent post! Now I’m off to browse through your site a bit.

  25. Vicky B.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m looking forward to following your adventures! (And how cool that we have the same name 🙂

  26. Hello My Sister Enjoyed Reading Your Blog…Thanks For Check Out My Blog Also….

  27. You are one busy Mama!

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog! I grew up in north central Florida. Still love to visit the beach (but am always amazed anew at the humidity!). Enjoy the winter.

  29. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my post about ‘chaos’! I’m sure you have experienced that and much more in your life with 5 kids! Congrats on the big move. I hope it goes well. I am slightly envious … we have roots in eastern Canada and I cry every time I have to leave the ocean to come home (central Canada). Maybe someday I’ll find myself beside an ocean…


  30. zlatavaskova

    Hi Vicky, thanks for folowing my blog. i see that you are active mom same as I am. And it is great that through blogs does not matter from where we are, much more important is that we share similar stories of our life.

    Hugs and keep in touch

    Zlata from Czech Republic, the heart of Europe 🙂

  31. 17 years ago, my husband and I moved from rural Texas to Los Angeles with 3 kids. Not 5, but an adventure of the same ilk. Enjoyed reading your latest post and thanks for coming and visiting over at 20 Minutes a Day.

  32. Thanks Vicky for following my blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog as well! I have added a link on my blog, so other can enjoy it as well! Looking forward to reading more.

  33. Thanks for “liking” my recent post. I hope to read more from you, too. Welcome to the south.

  34. Thanks for stopping by over at lotzoflove! We moved five kids from Missouri to Port-au-Prince. Definitely, we love the island life and have no regrets about losing our winters! I look forward to keeping up with your adventures.

  35. Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for visiting and “liking” my blog! It’s always exciting to get a response from someone other than family and friends. The best of luck with settling into life in your new locale! I’ll be interested in reading all about it!


  36. A woman who feels my pain! LOL. Thanks for liking my “Moving…again” post. I now understand why you did. I’m going to follow you, too, and maybe we can learn from each other. Funny…I’m going where its colder (being dragged, kicking and screaming, but going, nonetheless). I’ll send you some cider if you send me some sand!

  37. Hi Victoria, thanks for liking my post, having moved and lived in 4 countries and many many states over the years I wish I had written up some of my experiences earlier. Enjoyed your posts and glad you liked mine.

  38. I visited Myrtle Beach, though I live in the North State (California). I hope you love your new surroundings. I will read more! God bless.

  39. Hi Vicky,

    my apologies for not getting here sooner – but wanted to say thanks for liking and following my blog (theinvestigatingparent). I know it’s difficult for me to find the time for blogging and things with just the 2 kids, so I couldn’t imagine 5! It was nice to have a chance to visit your life a little!


  40. Thanks for following my blog. I have also had the experience of moving from a place where there is actually winter (Wyoming) to South Carolina. Hope you enjoy all it has to offer!

  41. You brave, brave, woman with 5 kids! I have read a few posts and I enjoy your writing. I wish your family and you all the best on these adventures!

  42. Max

    Thanks for stopping by and following Vicky! Transitions are just part of life and we’re in the middle of a big one!

  43. I am SOOO grateful for the 80 degree weather we’ve been having in Wisconsin! But still, I’m with you, the Winters are absolutely awful and I was NOT cut out for them. But alas, I can’t leave my mommy, lol.

  44. Thanks for following my blog. I love your blog! We visit Myrtle Beach every year and I always look forward to it.

  45. Glad you found my blog -it lead me to yours! I love mom blogs. They give me so much to look forward to:)

  46. You have a great blog, thanks for stopping past mine : )

  47. Nice to meet you! Thank you for the like and I’ll be following your blog!

  48. Hi Victoria, thanks for the like & follow. I wanna have 5 kids too even though I’m already struggling to handle one. 🙂

  49. Thanks a million liking and following my blog! I will happily keep tabs on your and your brood’s great adventures in the South. Best of luck to you in your writing life!

  50. Thanks for stopping by my blogs! Living in England I know what you mean about winter – ours feels like it lasts for about 9 months of the year!

  51. First, welcome to South Carolina. I’m a New England boy myself. Born in Groton CT with family on Cape Cod.
    The summers down here can get really humid and snow in the winter only seems to happen every 10-years or so. The last time snow fell here in Charleston was 2-years ago. The spring and fall are the best. You can actually go a month or two without turning on the AC or heater.
    Oh, also thanks for following my blog. Jaydon say, “Hi.”

  52. Hi Vicky
    Thanks for liking my post and following my blog! I haven’t got round to adding a blogroll to my blog yet but will add you as soon as I do, and look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  53. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog! Love the idea of a yank going rebel :-). I myself have been transplanted from CA to VA. Look forward to more of your blog!

  54. I enjoy reading your blog. You bring such a flair to your experiences and it’s fun to read about. That’s why I would like to present you a with a Liebster Award. Please go to my page to see the details http://travelladywithbaby.com/2012/04/02/liebster-award-a-big-thank-you/

  55. Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but have you seen Kenny Powers from HBO’s Eastbound & Down wandering about Myrtle beach? Wife’s grandparents had a place in North Myrtle. Remember to go to Painter’s Ice Cream Shop.

  56. sueromeiser

    Great blog you have and thanks for following mine.

  57. Love the concept of this blog! I’m a Northerner, too (Massachusetts – GO SOX!), and really enjoy the Carolina weather… Even with curly hair!

  58. Vicky, thanks for signing up to join my blog, and welcome to Myrtle Beach!! That’s my hometown — I spent the first 18 years of my life there, and my parents still live there. What a small world!

    Thanks again for joining The Write Edge community; hope to keep in touch!

  59. Heya Vicky – thanks for liking my recent post. Your blog looks very interesting and surprised you find the time! 🙂


  60. Thanks for following my blog!
    5 kids?! And you have time to blog?! You’re a wonder woman! I barely have time (But do take it) with my 1 son Haha!
    Read you later!

  61. Thank you for checking out my blog. 5…man…I’m struggling to deal with one! Excited to read more about you when I have more time!

  62. Thanks for following my blog, look forward to reading your blog about your adventures.

  63. Thanks for following my blog! I look forward to reading yours as well!

  64. Thank you for stopping by! 😀 I am glad you liked my blog. I enjoy yours as well 🙂

  65. Thanks for the Like! Hope you’re enjoying it down here in SC

  66. HI Vicki Lovin your blog, and thanks for stoping by mine. Catch ya on fb 🙂

  67. Thanks for stopping by my blog Vicky – I can relate to a major move after moving from WA state to sunny Florida last year – the sunshine and warmer weather definitely does not suck – but I can’t imagine dealing with it with 5 kids – my hat is off to you lady >8)

  68. Thank you for visiting the PCA blog and liking You Are Amazing and following. Continued Success in all your ventures and adventures, Jay

  69. Your blog looks great! Going to start following– can’t wait to hear more about your family’s adventures. And thanks for stopping by AtHomewithCheri to learn about mine too!

  70. julie ross

    Thanks for following my blog! So funny – I am a graduate of Skidmore College so I know allllll about those winters! Myrtle Beach sounds so much more pleasant! Happy trails.

  71. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, hope you are loving the weather here in SC!

  72. I love that you found my blog! It is so fun to discover people living in the chaos and finding the fun in raising a “now larger” family. I call it “now larger” because it used to be small to have only four children. Have fun in the sun! I was a nanny long ago in New Rochelle NY – you’ve made quite the change!

  73. Amaness

    Thank you for liking my post, “Where Is My Sister”!

  74. I’m impressed with how many people you have met just by stopping by their blogs. Same way you are meeting me. 🙂 My hubby is from upstate NY too. He is from the Booneville area. He had an uncle who was a sulky driver & trainer in Saratoga. It is a small world. Now my husband is in TX with me. We moved here from Florida 1 year ago. We had lived here before but had been in Florida for 10 years. Lucky for us the kids are all grown. I admire you being able to move with 5 kids. I had a hard time just raising the 6 I was responsible for. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  75. Thank you for stopping my my blog! I’m new this old blogging thing, so I really appreciate it! I look forward to reading about your adventures! We have 4 children, one with autism. There are days 4 feels like, well, 4, and there are days 4 feels like 16….but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 They’re truly a gift!

  76. Thanks for liking my post Vicky! I recently joined the world of blogging! I can relate to embracing new beginnings and life changing decisions! I am always inspired by the courageous who are willing to embark in that journey! Look forward to hearing more!

  77. Hi! Thank you for following my blog as I’m just starting out!! I look forward to reading your journey 😀 Have a great weekend!

  78. Erin Grayson

    Hi Vicky,
    I’m thankful that you read my blog mostly because it led me to yours! I really enjoy your sense of humor and admire your mothering skills! I have three children, would love to have more, but not sure I have the energy that it takes. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying life in MB. I have family who live there and absolutely love it!

    Erin Grayson

  79. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to join the fun of motherhood- you seem delighted 🙂

  80. thecoastallivingmom

    Thanks for following The Coastal Living Mom! I hope you like what you see and keep coming back for more fun in the sun! 🙂

  81. Thanks for the follow. What an adventure you have, indeed. I, too, have five kids, most are grown now but I can imagine all the “fun.”

  82. Hi! Thanks for liking my post Happy Easter! at http://wp.me/p1zE2U-qZ – your blog looks great. What an adventure! All I can say at this stage is wow lady – five kids makes you five times braver than me! 😀 Happy Easter to you all from London!

  83. Five kids, an active blog, a huge move, and time to read all these other blogs? You’re my new hero! Thanks for liking SingleMatters and following along! Best of everything to you on your journey. Diane

  84. Thanks for your support! I can’t wait to read more of your adventures! 🙂

  85. My Tropical Home

    Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I started looking around yours and can certainly relate to some, if not all, of what you’re going through. Moving is tough. Moving with kids is crazy. But that’s the great thing about kids. Life maybe crazy but never dull.

    Thanks again and hope to see more of your journey(s)…

    Best regards,

  86. What a big adventure you are on! Moving alone is hard enough, but with five kids it must be quite crazy. I can’t wait to read more!

  87. Mary

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We lived in S.C. for 2 years and I am Canadian! It was awesome, you will love it! I was happy that we did have the change of seasons so the leaves changed etc. Summer was hot but winter was great. Currently I am back in Canada but we will be moving to Kansas this summer – another adventure for us too. ♥ Kids are pretty resiliant and make friends easily I have found and it is easy to meet people through your kids!

  88. Thanks for the “like”, may you be blessed. =)

  89. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like yours is a lot of fun too 🙂 I’m excited to hear about the trials and tribulations of other moms too.

  90. vanevolence

    Thanks for following my blog! What a huge move for you all! My parents moved us from Cleveland to Kentucky, not as far as NY to NC but probably comparable as far as culture shock. 🙂 My dad used to say you almost need a passport to go south of the ohio river. I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  91. Thanks for subscribing to my blog…and liking my post…the best part is that I discovered your blog as well. Moving away from your “home” is always hard but sometimes so worthwhile. Meeting new friends and change is good. I look forward to your posts. Check out “MommasGoneCity”…she transplanted to NYC from the Bay Area and discusses her adjustments with three kids. You might enjoy reading her posts.

  92. Shannon Guyton

    Hello! Looking forward to following your blog — anything with the word “wacky adventures” with kids, and I am in. Good luck with everything!

  93. When you found the tick on your daughter in your latest blog, i laughed out loud! I was looking for a place to comment but couldn’t! Anyways, excited to read more!

  94. Hey Vicky,

    Thanks for visiting Drawing Pins and for your support. It sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you. Like everyone else, I’m in awe that you can blog while having five kids in tow. What a tropper. Looking forward to checking in on your awesome adventure.



  95. Hi Vicky, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

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  97. Hi Vicky…good for you for getting out of the freezing north and into a decent climate! I did the same, except I went much further south! lol
    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  98. Thanks for visiting me, now I’m visiting you. Looks like the thing we have in common is embarking on an adventure and blogging about it. One thing about publishing it to a blog–there’s no turning back. Good Luck.

  99. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m looking forward to reading yours. And slightly jealous that you’re near the beach.

  100. Chadder & Co. USA

    Hi Victoria! Thanks for liking my post @ chadderusa! I hope you and your children are adjusting to the south – it is truly a special place. Thanks and drop by our blog again sometime.

  101. bringing up five children must be a tough task!

  102. Hi Vicky! Thanks for following Pack Talk! Believe it or not, I’m an Upstate NY gal myself–so we already have lots in common. No surprise that someone talked you into moving south to the Carolinas…seems that everyone I knew wanted to either go there or to Florida. No one appreciates Upstate winters with all its lake effect. Can’t wait to see what you write next! 🙂

  103. I saw myself when you describe the amazing and fun journey you’re making by moving close to the ocean where life is more laid back, with laughter and lots of sunshine. Your children will have a great time I bet. Wishing you all the best!

  104. Hi Vicky – good to meet you – will catch up with you and your travels in a while – we have an open mic evening here tonight so I’m busy making chilli 🙂

  105. Hi Vicky,
    Thanks so much for liking my Watercolors to the Arctic blog! I’m so new at this that I’m still surprised to see people I don’t know on my list. I hope your voyage South is as fun as mine will be going North!

  106. Hey Vicky… we’re similair except I moved from Mass to Florida. It’s a culture shock. Best of luck.

  107. Hello Victoria,

    thanks for visiting and following my blog. *surprised*.

    I’ve never been to US, so I do not know where Myrtle Beach is. But I believe, it is a nice fun place for you. Or else you wouldn’t have this intention of going there. Am I right?

    Weekend is coming soon.
    Enjoy with your princesses! =)

    From Singapore,

  108. The you for visiting the sTORIbook and liking my post about the Children’s Reading Book Event. You have a lovely family!

  109. Hi Vicky, I also just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Also, I live in Upstate NY as well. I agree with you…winter sucks!

  110. Hi Vicki, I saw you had stopped by my blog, so I ventured over to see what’s up in your world… what a hoot! Five girls, home schooling, You really are a super mum. I am looking forward to following your adventure and seeing where you end up. 🙂

  111. Hi Vicky. Thank you for your interest in my Glowing Green Smoothie recipe. I hope you and your kids find it as delicious as my 20 month old toddler does, he’s actually gulping my smoothie down as I type this : )

    I just want to say that I admire you for your positive attitude and for embracing change. Moving is never easy, but moving with 5 kids (WOW!). Your children are very lucky that they an adventurous mom with such a willing attitude. God bless you and your family.

    Looking forward to reading more about your journey!

    – Khristine Anne
    Mama Bear Matters: Share your story, your story matters

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog… it gave me the opportunity to “meet” you and read some of your posts! I look forward to reading more!

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    Thanks for stopping by Butterscotch Grove! (and the like and the follow!) I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  114. Thanks for liking my most recent post 🙂

  115. You were my very first follower when I launched my blog 9 short days ago! Thanks, and I really enjoy reading your adventures, you have a hell of a lot more patience than I do! 🙂

  116. Hi Vicky
    Thanks for the follow . I am slowly wading my through everyone ‘s wonderful blogs 🙂 yours is pretty special ! I look forward to sharing your journey .


  117. Hi Vicky, thanks for liking my blog. I’m checking yours out, too.Have a great day!

  118. You’re very courageous ! I’ll be stopping by every now and then to see how things are progressing. What an adventure 🙂

  119. Appreciate your visit to my blog and for like my post http://inkyspot.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/the-ob-gyn-the-scalpel-and-my-little-mexicana-rose-2/.

    And congrats on the blog award nomination. Your site looks fun and catchy!

  120. Hi Vicky! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We moved from Las Vegas to Vermont and after two years said “yeah, thanks but no thanks.” We moved back last summer and I couldn’t be happier. Have a great day!

  121. Hey there! I appreciate you following our blog!
    Blogging with 5 kids…wow! We are planning on 7…but I wonder if I’ll still be blogging at that point!

    The Reiters

  122. Vicky,
    Thanks for the like on my Saturday at the Cape post…and also for the follow. One of your recent readers mentioned meeting new people this way and she’s right…it’s the best!
    I take it from reading the responses that you ARE actually moving south to Myrtle Beach and not just East to the Cape? As a native Vermonter and in my heart and soul northerner…it was hard for me to live in the south, which we did for more than 20 years. Getting back to New England was my dream and now, 8 years later, I’m still happy I’m back. That said…the draw of the southern ocean is magnetic. While I never lived in SC…I did spent many years in NC and the Outer Banks is one of my favorite places, as well as Hilton Head, SC. I wish you the very best with the move, hope you enjoy the ‘lack’ of winter worries, and hope you come back to visit the north when you can. Congrats on the 5 girls…you are blessed to be sure! Look forward to reading of your adventures…stay warm and stay friends.

  123. Vicky, I like your blog and you’re a clear, concise writer.
    I think you’re brave to be embarking on a new life toward a warmer climate, just be prepared for feeling the loss of what you leave behind. Don’t burn your bridges – nothing is set in cement, you can decide in a year or five to reverse your move and go back to the apple-picking. I love the area in which you live – we go to Quechee, Vermont with my paintings, and often go to Rutland on the cusp of New York.

    Life is filled with chances and opportunities – you’re ready – give it a try, and best wishes :>)


  124. Chengen

    Thanks for the follow and the like! I can barely manage the 2 I have, let alone 5! 😉

  125. Hi Vicky

    Thanks for checking out my blog and following it! Hats off to you for surviving with 5 children! 2, a husband and a dippy dog is about all I can manage! Rachel 🙂

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    Thank you for following Parenting in the Loop.
    We have a new website, if you want to continue to follow you will have to subscribe again on the new page at http://www.parentingintheloop.com
    Thank you… I look forward to your comments.
    Lorette Lavine

  127. Hey Vicky, thanks for following my blog! A rising tide raises all ships, after all. Keep us filled in on how things go. My wife and I don’t have kids yet, but I am sure your experience will teach me some great lessons along the way 🙂

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    Hey there!
    I love your blog, so I’m giving you the Reader Appreciation Award! Check it out:

    Keep up the great work!!!

  129. Thanks for liking my post the other day. Moving my little one from home to the supermarket a mile down the road is trouble enough never mind your journey! Visited Myrtle Beach, loved it. But I think I only say golf courses and the insides of bars 🙂

  130. I’m upstate too! Thanks for swinging by my blog!

  131. I really like your blog’s design. It’s got pizzazz 🙂
    Thanks so much for liking my blog post. Stop back by anytime.

  132. Hey there! Thanks for the like and the follow. My dad hails from NC and DC area. I, however, am almost entirely West Coast (Ca, Or). So cool to connect with those from all over. God bless and happy writing.

  133. Hi Vicky — I moved from LA to Woods Hole with two kids so I get the transition! I am looking forward to reading all about your life on your blog. Thanks so much for following me! xo Beth

  134. Thanks for following! Seems like you also have quite the adventure on your hands 🙂

  135. Ryan Kilpatrick

    Thanks for the like and follow! Move to Africa, instead!

    • Hmmm….as I look at the BEAUTY of the continent and read the awesome blogs, I rather tend to agree with you! 😉

  136. Hey there just wanted to let you know I nominated you for Versatile blogger, I know you have already received it once but no one can have too many awards and I didn’t want to ignore the enjoyment I get from your blog just because you already have an award. Love the blog and I’m honored to share it with my fellow readers. Here’s the link http://wp.me/p2n3MW-3m

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    Hi Vicky,,,thanks for following my blog,,,I really like your Blog Appearance theme! I plan to spend my evening catching up on your blog and following you during your great adventures to your new home with your girls 🙂

  138. Hi Vicky, thanks for stopping by my blog and following it. WOW life with 5 kids definitely sounds like one big adventure. Looking forward to reading more about what you get up to. Kate 🙂

  139. Thanks for following my blog and stopping by. It made my day! 🙂

  140. thanks for reading my poem-I hope you will read more and follow my blog-I will check yours out as well.

  141. so you decided on the beach-the mtns are wonderful too-visit sometime…I raised 6 and expecting 5th grand-went to obx (OUTER BANKS) LAST MONTH-READ MY MOTHERS dAY POEm-look forward to your blogs

  142. Your blog is amazing, makes me laugh and smile and totally brightens my day! I am so happy you “found” me because I adore reading your updates. Please accept my humble nomination for the Beautiful Blogger award. You deserve it!


  143. Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! http://wp.me/p22xxF-cp

  144. Thanks for stopping by and for the follow, Vicky, and for the follow at my place! Hope you enjoy your visits. This is a gorgeous site!

  145. Thanks for visiting my new blog; yours is great! My family and I have been to Myrtle Beach several times, it’s soooo amazing!

  146. Hello to you too! I know what it means to up sticks and move to another place. It’ll be fun to watch you and your brood settling into your new lives.

  147. Thanks for following my blog! Yours looks like lots of fun! 🙂 I hibernate for winter as well (there’s more like 6-7 months of winter here so I’m hibernated for the most of the year), and would love to move somewhere where summer is the only season.

  148. Well I like the sounds of the way of life – even with five months in the cold. Horse-racing, NYC, autumn/fall, those colourful sweaters and hot chocolate or cocoa – yeah. I can pass on deep winter, having had a few of those here in Ireland, and having been stuck in a blizzard on a motorway winter before last. Since then, believe it or not, a device has been invented for females stuck on the motorway who need to wee (badly)! It’s called the She-Wee. Excuse this wandering reply. I enjoyed your post. It’s very vivid.

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  153. Hi Vicky, Thanks for your interest in following our journey as we move from Virginia to Hong Kong, and all the fun adventures that that holds. I wish you the best as you and your family adjust to life in SC (oddly enough, we’ll actually be in the Myrtle Beach/ Conway area later this week to bid farewell to family before we leave).

  154. Hi Vicky! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the design of your website and your sense of humore, and wish you best of luck as you journey south! (I’m the 2nd oldest of 5 kids so I always admire brave moms! :))

  155. Vicky, thanks for following my blog. It sounds like you are on quite the adventure. We will be taking a vacation soon, so I will have some kid travel adventures soon too.

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  159. Hi Vicky,
    Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog! It gave me the opportunity to check yours out a bit. Five kids? Moving? Change? It all sounds great to me! (I just had my first baby 7 months ago and so love the adventure…we want more!) Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

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    looking forward for your future adventures.
    have a nice day 🙂

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    Best to to you and your daughters.

    ~ The Sports Archives

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  168. We think your blog is wonderful, and have mentioned you (mostly to say a very belated thank you!) today – http://wp.me/p1m5Gv-D5. Thanks for sharing our story! Mumma, Bubba, Bella & Beary x

  169. hi Victoria! your blog takes me to a world so different from my own so i would like to nominate you for The Versatile Blog award. http://kidsandwhatnots.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/the-versatile-blogger-award/

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  171. Thanks Victoria for following Collateral Lettuce, my food blog! If you have any suggestions for topics, or would like to tell me about something you know that’s popular upstate but not so much by NYC, I may need to make a pit stop!

    Actually, since you mention the capital region, I’ve read that there’s a decent Indonesian restaurant somewhere near Albany. Do you know about it?

  172. Wow … what an adventure! Five kids and a move?? You are one courageous and amazing woman! (p.s. I love Rhinebeck & Germantown where my in-laws have a house … it’s the BEST — but only in the summer (-:

  173. Hey Victoria, thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw, Look forward to seeing more of your work, great site by the way, 🙂

  174. Hi Victoria thanks for following my blog – I’ve started to follow yours and find it really interesting!

  175. Hello Victoria, lovely to meet you in Blogland. I had a wry chuckle reading some of your posts – all the things the books don’t tell you about having children – we’ve just reached teenage territory and I can tell you it has its moments – best wishes from the other side of the Atlantic.

  176. Greeting for all your family directly from Poland and Italy:) thank for all – Ania

  177. Hi Victoria, I’m truly stunned you manage to find time to blog with such a family – well done!

    And thanks for following JapanGasm – hope you find some things to keep you smiling!

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    Thank you for visiting my blog. What an exciting move you made; I hope you love it and you and your family make great new memories each day. Blessings 🙂

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    Five months of winter? Sounds like fun! There are many things that I would want to try!
    (I live in Indonesia. I have never seen actual snow. Just to hear the word “winter” excites me) 😀

  180. Wonderful to see that you are now following dragonshades. Love your enthusiasm for life and all its mysteries.Have fun with your super family.

  181. Hi Vicky, I am in the exact same boat as yours living in Toronto and I can totally relate. Glad that you found my blog and that I found yours. Looking forward to reading your posts in the next few days.

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  184. Hi Vicky, I can almost feel the sunshine coming through your sunny blog! Thanks Louise

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  186. Hey Vicky! Thanks for liking my post. Good luck to you in your move! I lived in the Myrtle Beach for 5 years, and loved it! If you need any contacts or information about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  187. love your blog its awesome!!!

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a recent post.
    Welcome back!

  189. Keep those Children close to your heart and love them to pieces!

  190. Yeah, I’ll be a follower … this is definitely an adventure I want to check in on … five kiddos, a north-to-south transition, good writing … and you have quite a following! As they New Zealanders (Kiwis) say “Good On Ya, Mate! Keep the joy and the writing flowing.

  191. Hey! Thank you for following my blog -) I like your idea and your layout is cool, too. Keep going!

  192. I’m sure every day is an adventure for you, Vicky — thanks for stopping by and following Travel Oops! Cheers — Steph

  193. Hi Victoria, thank you for following my blog, I hope you will enjoy the posts!


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  202. Hi Vicky! thanks for stopping by Bella’z Bitz; looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  203. You might see some reminders of the north as you follow our blog. However, with the lovely spring upon us and summer right around the corner – you might be homesick!
    Happy journey to you!

  204. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can see your is pretty wellknown and visited

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    Hi, Vicky, and thanks for checking out and following my blog!

    Sometimes a change is needed, and you do not really know just how bad you needed it until you just do it and see how it all turns out.

    You have some pretty entertaining posts… I am returning the favor and following your blog too!

    Best wishes!


  206. Thanks for reading my blog! Love yours, looking forward to reading through it!

    So from one mad Vicki in the UK to Vicky in the UK HELLO!!!!!!! 😉

  207. Hope you make it to Myrtle Beach! (In your own time, of course)
    PS Thanks for visiting me at http://ja2da.com

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    Your a Yummy Mummy ;D Big hello from England here.

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    Thanks for the Like And Follow on my blog, Vicky! Oh, and welcome to the south! Five kids….you are amazing. And maybe, a little crazy. I could never manage one, let alone five!

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    Thanks for following my blog! Your busy life and adventures certainly give you a ton of options for yours! Hug those kiddos!

  211. Hey there, thanks for following my blog! I’m looking forward to my trip to Amsterdam and will definitely add more posts about it soon. Thanks again! Carol

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  215. I just wanted to say thanks for the follow! I have great memories of vacationing in Myrtle Beach when I was a kid!

  216. All up for the letting go, letting in the new and living life the fullest. Well done you Vicky and co. ! 🙂 Thank you much for the follow of another “letting-go’er”

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    Hi Vicky, thank you for visiting and following my blog. Good luck with your adventures, I will be following with interest.

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  221. Fabulous! As a former South Jersey girl who transplanted to Southern California in ’07, I get you! I go back to visit the neighborhood about once a year…
    And thank you for following my bloggy-space! Hope to see you pop in from time to time 🙂

  222. Hey Vicky!
    Thanks for following my blog.

    I gotta say I have to agree with you in regards to living in the winter. Here in Norway we also have a very cold winter about 5 months of the year. Hibernation mode it is. Not too fond of winter sports and activities, so life just goes on (without much going on) for five months… Seems like a waste really!

    Good luck on your journey! 🙂

  223. Thanks for the follow. I will be around to check you out. Regards from England. Pete.

  224. Hi, glad you enjoyed Transient Friendships. Moving with 5 kids on your own? This should be very entertaining reading. I hope to be inspired.

  225. Hi, thanks for following me 🙂 totally get the new experiences/people/places. Life is for living!


  226. Moving from familiar surroundings to a new location is always a bit tricky. It is like walking into a room where a party is going in full swing and then finding out that the place is jam-packed with guys and girls, all having two left feet:) I avoid moving if I can help it. I can therefore understand your trepedition, vicki! And with 5 kids..well…Anyway, Good luck!

  227. Hey Vicky! Thanks for following my blog!

  228. Haven’t spent much time in upstate New York, but I did visit Myrtle Beach once a few years ago on a break during college. (I went to college in Tennessee.) How long ago did you move? And five kids? You are BRAVE! 🙂

  229. Thankyou Vicky for visiting, even thou love snow, see the photos of roads piled up with snow and wonder how people cope

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  231. Hi Vicky, Thank you for signing up for my blog at http://www.midihideaways.wordpress.com – glad you are enjoying what you read!! Moving is a great adventure – and I’m sure it’s a great thing to do for all of you!

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    Although I don’t have any children myself, I work with little kids and teenagers, so I can totally relate to some of the funny moments you have with your little ones. Too cute! xx

  237. Thanks for following me and liking my post “Two is Perfect”! FIVE KIDS? Surely, you have lots of tips under your belt? 😉

  238. Good Morning 🙂
    Nice page you’ve got goin on here!
    Little detail – I loved the flagcounter widget, copied it right away^^
    Pozdrawiam! 🙂

  239. Thanks for the follow Vicky! I look forward to reading more about your journey. 🙂

  240. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post on Bulgaria! You have a pretty neat blog yourself and look forward to following you on your incredible journey down South! 🙂

  241. Thanks for following my blog. We moved from Montana to New Hampshire two years ago and realized it wasn’t a great fit. I hope your move goes well!

  242. cheri

    Thanks for following “Heels to Kicks” and best of luck on your journey south! It’s a definite change of pace but filled with its own charms as well. I’ve enjoyed looking through your stories and adventures!

  243. Thanks for the follow Vicky. I love Florida and I’m sure your NY spin on it will be very refreshing!

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  249. Thanks for the follow, Vicky.

  250. Hi Vicky, thanks for reading http://www.wedgeintheround.com and following!

  251. Thanks you for following my blog. Your migration story is very different from mine, well not technically mine. Both of my parents were born up north, my dad in Illinois who moved in elementary school and my mom who moved down south from NY her sophomore year. I’ve grown up in the south all of my life, but I do not have the accent and I’m not a huge fan of camo. I’m a mix of both cultures; occasionally I’ll say “y’all” and I like sweet tea, but I refuse to go hunting and I hate bluegrass. Just thought I’d share some of my story with you. Anyways, if you got through my insanely long introduction, thank you again for stopping by.

  252. Halo Vicky, apa kabar? who are you?

    thank you for following omnduut.wordpress.com 🙂

    Senang berkenalan dengan kamu. Nice to meet you 😉

    Greetings from Indonesia

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  254. Sorry there are typos in the previous comment. Not “Who are you” but “How are you” 🙂
    please edit it and delete this comment. Thank you 🙂

  255. what a change from New York (upstate?) to South Carolina…. originally I’m from NW PA, via many other places to finally here in South Carolina. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it!

  256. Love your wit and look forward to reading more about your adventures! Thanks so much for the follow!

  257. Hi Vicky! I too am a Native New Yorker and moved to the Coast 12 years ago ..the West Coast though:) I love New York, but I LOVE the beach more.

    I am one of five and it’s the best thing. And while I don’t have kids (yet), I create recipes as if I did (easy, healthy and with few ingredients!) I hope you enjoy my blog (JessicaSpiroRD.com)- thank you for following!- and I’m looking forward to reading yours! 🙂

  258. OMG first, thanks for stopping by my photo blog and following me – I’m cracking up at yours and it’s so weird because I said I could write a blog about living in the south – I”m originally a NY girl too – living in SC but going to NJ soon. You’re right hibernation sucks eggs so I doubt I’ll be there forever – but I’ll take your blog with me wherever I go – love it! Thanks

  259. I love Saratoga Springs! We had loads of art-shows there. Love Lake George and my kids love the Great Escape. But we also Love Tampa’s Bush Gardens. Lived in Clearwater for a while. Love the beach. So glad to meet you!

  260. I’m a single Mum and I moved my children from a London borough high rise council flat to the sunny South coast and I wouldn’t have it any other way for my children – they’re worth it – they deserve a slower, healthier pace of life ❤

  261. Thanks for following my photo blog. Best to you.

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  263. Hello Vicky! Thanks so much for visiting me at ‘A View From My Summerhouse’ and for the follow, really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy what you read there. I love your blog! Looks like we have a few things in common what with kids, moving and uprooting as a single mum from one way of life to another, in my case from America back to the UK! I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures 🙂

  264. Sounds like we’re on similar trips sista, without the 5 kids! Looking forward to reading how your world unfolds… Good luck with letting go!

  265. Vicky! Thanks for stopping by my blog “Kyrielan’s World”. I look forward to reading more on yours.

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  270. thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck with your adventures! Moving anywhere with kids is an adventure in itself.

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  274. Hi Vicky, thanks for checking out my blog and deciding to follow. I’ve really enjoyed checking out your thoughts here. It’s nice to meet someone else whose learning to love and celebrate the process of saying goodbye and saying hello to a new place. Blessings to you and your brood! – Margaret of “Daily Musings on Life Together”

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    I often wish for warmer weather as soon as fall is over 🙂
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  280. Hi Vicky, I see we are both Northern Girls Moved South! thanks for visiting my blog recently. 🙂 Stay cool!

  281. Thanks for following my blog ! Wow 5 children talk about an exciting journey, looking forward to reading your blogs !

  282. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m one of five children, so I understand what your life is probably like, just from the other end 🙂 Have a great day!

  283. Brilliant stuff! Thank you for checking out my photographer’s blog also – all the best, Michael

  284. Thanks for looking at my blog. Yours is awesome. I will be reading more

  285. Wow I wish I had the courage to to the same. I think about moving and starting over a lot, but probably wont until my children are grown up. It is scary and exciting too. I also love autumn, apple picking, and we hibernate in the winter too. I want to be somewhere tropical. I look forward to reading about your journey, and I wish you the best. Maybe someday I’ll have the courage to do the same.

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