All I Want for Mother’s Day is to be Naked in Peace.

I am NOT very pleased with the person who taught my youngest to jimmy locked doors.

I am particularly perturbed at that person when I’m in the shower and I never hear the door open – just the whoosh of my pink-on-pink shower curtain before the icy breeze grabs at my exposed body parts (for some reason, I can never remember to turn on the heating lamps).

“Whatcha doin’, Mommy? Can you make me some more chocolate milk?” My three year old’s big blue eyes blink as if she thinks I really am doing nothing.

“I will do it as soon as I get out of the shower, OK Fluffy-Butt?”

She shuffles out, and, as always, leaves the door ajar.

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What Gathering Mushrooms, Wisniowka and Blog Awards Have in Common

In the scorching heat of the European summer afternoons, after the rain sprinkles it’s last luminous drops of refreshing water, the young people in Poland (at least in the mountain village my mother’s family lives in), grab their baskets and quickly make their way into the woods. To “gather mushrooms”.

At least that’s what they tell their parents…

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“Chopped Testicles, Mommy? Are You Delighted?”

First of all – Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to anyone who has a child in their life since we are all always teaching them lessons through our words and our actions.

I had the wonderful luxury of staying in my big, puffy bed and snuggling all weekend 😉 .

OK, that translates into – I was (still am) annoyingly sick with a fever and chest cold and basically everything I normally have to do needs to be done from bed.

The girls and I cuddled on my bed (“Sound of Music” style) and talked about our move to the ocean for most of the weekend. Cape Cod and Myrtle Beach dominate a good chunk of our lives at this point!

It’s amazing how quickly my box of tissues transformed into seagulls, ocean foam, sailboats and towels for Barbie dolls and stuffed animals. As the sun streaming in through the windows warmed us, we laughed our way through games of “Quelf” and “Smart Ass” and “Uno”. The girls laughter was better than all the other medicines I was taking.

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