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Why I Sleep With Herks…

vicky-831I did something the nuns who taught me would definitely NOT approve of me doing.

OK, to be honest, there’s quite a few things the nuns would not approve of, however, I am referring to one thing in particular at the moment.

When I was young, I wanted to be a nun. I think the part that interested me was that dressed in a habit, I could look like a bride every day! (Clearly, the concepts of chastity and poverty hadn’t entered my mind yet.) I was also intrigued by paranormal and psychic things – things the nuns didn’t particularly embrace – actually frowned upon quite a lot.

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Ticked Off…

Our dress rehearsal on Saturday for Easter Sunday Mass went flawlessly.

Big poofy, pastel dresses on my three littlest girls, and my tween and teen looked elegant in their new clothes. Socks, and shoes were matched and shiny, and ribbons were crisp. Every hair was in place and faces were fresh and glowing. We were even on track with our schedule.

The girls were free to shed their pretty – but admittedly stiff – dresses and shoes, and throw on jeans and sweatshirts to play in the “enchanted forest” behind our house with the kids next door for the rest of the day.

Again, that was Saturday.

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