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“Apparently, I Stripped Out of My Nurses Uniform Too Quickly.”

Apparently I stripped out of my nurses uniform too quickly.

I planned on spending more time on working on a couple of pendants I am in the process of watercolor painting. Between working on those and packing for our move to the ocean – Myrtle Beach or Cape Cod, I figured I’d have the perfect winter break while the girls rediscovered all the toys they’d gotten for Christmas. It would be a smooth, quiet vacation preparing for our haul.

How wrong I was…

My wooden Prismacolor watercolor pencils were laid out perfectly in a row, rinsing jar to my right, index cards with vibrant scribbles from the pencils surrounding me, the colors ready to be blended. My pendant, at this point still a black and white rendering of a Russian princess, begging me to add color to her world. My brush is a sable Series 7 Kolinsky, size 3/0…it’s miniscule…there’s about 20 bristles in it, and it’s my FAVORITE brush, I can paint the tiniest details perfectly.

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