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Holy Moley Canoli!!!

Holy Moley Canoli!! In only about 60 days I have gathered well over ten thousand readers in more than 60 countries! Thank you so much to all the people that took some time out of their busy day to look into my little world and, hopefully, get a little giggle, or perhaps forget something they’re trying to forget.

AND and BIG thank you to all those that left me such warm and kind comments. I don’t get to answer them all, but just know they are VERY much appreciated!

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I Love Dirty Kids!

Daughter #2 Cooling Off in March Heat

It’s the most absurd thing – this hot, beautiful weather in upstate New York.

It’s been such a delight being about to walk through our woods and explore the world waking up around us, weeks and weeks earlier than ever before.

And setting up the sprinkler for the girls to pirouette through in mid-March? Unreal.

My cabin fever has gracefully disappeared, replaced by the cheery budding beauty of new life all around us.

OK, maybe I do actually like Spring here.

“Remember, it’s a fluke,” Randi laughed as we compared temperatures between Myrtle Beach and upstate New York. It was going to be 77 here. Seventy-four in Myrtle Beach. And in the 80’s for the next few days. Randi was going to go spend yet another day playing golf and then practicing softball for the upcoming season for a local business’ team. And then shopping for a gown for yet another fund raiser.

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“Just Don’t Make Him – Don’t Make Anyone – Your Meatloaf!”

I woke up this morning with a tingling burst of schoolgirl excitement.

Today is the beginning of my “birthday octave” – the eight days before and the eight days after my birthday. The two week period where I get special treatment and goodies from my family – little things like breakfast in bed, dishes being done with having to ask anyone and delightful little trinkets at the most unexpected times.

We love to celebrate and entertain in my family. A LOT. And with so much celebrating, I cook. A LOT. The kitchen to me is such a passionate room, a magical place where bright colors and delicious smells, heavenly taste and animated conversations take place. Where promises are made, secrets are told and the bonds of friendships are strengthened – over good food and drink. Where individuality expresses itself in all sorts of flavors.

And where messes made by five kids are the easiest to clean up.

This morning’s mess came compliments of some science experiments…

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Wondering if Myrtle Beach has Master Baiters…

“How on earth did you manage to do this?” Randi asked, reaching for a box of tissues. “How did you manage to get me sick over Skype?”

“Somehow, I think your new golf partner, Steve, had something more to do with it,” I felt bad watching my best friend hack away, just as my family had been for the past 2 weeks. “Try some honey.”

“The last time I felt this crappy was after we went fishing together out on the Cape,” she sniffed and sent her daughter to the kitchen for the honey.

I had to laugh at her timing. Sometimes I think she and I could be twins. We finish each other’s sentences constantly and, millions of times we get on Skype to chat to each other and we find we’re wearing exactly the same colors or styles. I’m a firm believer in there being no such thing as “coincidences”, and clearly Randi and I have a past that goes way back – probably to past lives.

This time, she brought up fishing just as I was going through the “sports section” of our garage, looking for things to pack and things to get rid of.

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“I Think I Need to Lick it First…”

There are some things I simply REFUSE to do.

My best friend, Randi, however, will do them. I suppose that’s how she landed her “new guy” Mike, she just starting dating.

She goes to sci-fi movies…and actually likes them. (Not me!) She’s into fantasy football. (Again, NOT me.) And she enjoys golfing. She took me once. It made my face hurt. Long story short…I “chunked”…a LOT…(apparently that’s when you hit the ground – hard– instead of the ball), days after having my wisdom teeth removed.

Mike and Randi have known each other for a very, very long time – at one point even being business partners – so this relationship has my blessing. Tonight, he’s taking her to a wine tasting fund-raiser in Myrtle Beach and she has been on a ferocious hunt for shoes to go with the purple dress she bought earlier in the week. Royal purple velvet, strapless, and slit up to here…Mike won’t stand a chance.

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Tinkerbell and Tampax

My day began quite early this morning with the frustrated grunts of my three year old. She SEEMED to be playing nicely by herself upstairs in her bedroom (Legos?) – no need to check on her. I could just relax in bed and enjoy the last few minutes of darkness before the sun brightened up my world. The grunts turned into whining. And then into sobbing.

“MOMMMMMYYYYY!!!” she cried and I jumped out of bed. All sorts of horrific scenes raced through my mind.

She met me at her doorway, tears dripping down her cheeks, “They don’t work, Mommy. None of the glow sticks work and the wings won’t stick to Barbie’s back!” She grabbed my hand and led to her bed, “Look. See, Mommy? I wanted to make all the Barbies into fairies and give them magic wands. Just like Tinkerbell.” She picked up a “glow stick” to show me, “See, Mommy? I tried breaking all of them but none of them will work! NO FAIR!!”

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Happy Ground Hog Day! I Cheated on Bob

I cheated on Bob today.

It was all Randi’s daughter’s fault, actually. I whined to my friend that I am getting rather sick and tired with coffee. With Bob. My days are beginning to feel like the movie “Groundhog Day” in that regard. Hopelessly addicted to the stuff, I am 1 – getting bored and, 2 – getting rather annoyed at the intense headaches I am experiencing when I as much as even skip a “bowl” of coffee. With five kids to raise and home-school and a business to run, sleep can sometimes be a priceless commodity, and my dependence on the hot drink knows no bounds. So, Randi’s daughter suggested green tea.

When I was younger, I was a consummate tea drinker – however my tea of choice was loose Russian Caravan Black Tea which I bought in these delightful tins from Macy’s. I had a set of gorgeous Polish crystal glasses that you would put into ornate silver “cup holders”, and the loose tea would then be put into a tiny strainer and boiling hot water poured over it. The smell was deliciously intense and I could never wait for it to cool before helplessly giving in to take a sip.

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Attention!! Visitors to the Boardwalk! Please Take Notice…Show Us Those Muscles!!

“It’s kinda gloomy out on the boardwalk, I don’t see anyone out there,” I mentioned to Randi this morning as we did our Skype ritual. Bob has been acting up on me lately, not really seeming to give me all he really could, flavor-wise, so I had to do my “vinegar-cleansing” on him to set him straight. Now I was just waiting for him to complete his first pot for me.

“I admit, it’s about 42 out this morning,” she agreed with me as she tried to wrestle one of the new pink slippers I bought her away from her dog, Cliff. I could tell she was trying to hide how hard she actually had to pull. “But really? No-one on the beach?” Continue reading

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