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“I Think I Need to Lick it First…”

There are some things I simply REFUSE to do.

My best friend, Randi, however, will do them. I suppose that’s how she landed her “new guy” Mike, she just starting dating.

She goes to sci-fi movies…and actually likes them. (Not me!) She’s into fantasy football. (Again, NOT me.) And she enjoys golfing. She took me once. It made my face hurt. Long story short…I “chunked”…a LOT…(apparently that’s when you hit the ground – hard– instead of the ball), days after having my wisdom teeth removed.

Mike and Randi have known each other for a very, very long time – at one point even being business partners – so this relationship has my blessing. Tonight, he’s taking her to a wine tasting fund-raiser in Myrtle Beach and she has been on a ferocious hunt for shoes to go with the purple dress she bought earlier in the week. Royal purple velvet, strapless, and slit up to here…Mike won’t stand a chance.

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