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Holy Moley Canoli!!!

Holy Moley Canoli!! In only about 60 days I have gathered well over ten thousand readers in more than 60 countries! Thank you so much to all the people that took some time out of their busy day to look into my little world and, hopefully, get a little giggle, or perhaps forget something they’re trying to forget.

AND and BIG thank you to all those that left me such warm and kind comments. I don’t get to answer them all, but just know they are VERY much appreciated!

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I Love Dirty Kids!

Daughter #2 Cooling Off in March Heat

It’s the most absurd thing – this hot, beautiful weather in upstate New York.

It’s been such a delight being about to walk through our woods and explore the world waking up around us, weeks and weeks earlier than ever before.

And setting up the sprinkler for the girls to pirouette through in mid-March? Unreal.

My cabin fever has gracefully disappeared, replaced by the cheery budding beauty of new life all around us.

OK, maybe I do actually like Spring here.

“Remember, it’s a fluke,” Randi laughed as we compared temperatures between Myrtle Beach and upstate New York. It was going to be 77 here. Seventy-four in Myrtle Beach. And in the 80’s for the next few days. Randi was going to go spend yet another day playing golf and then practicing softball for the upcoming season for a local business’ team. And then shopping for a gown for yet another fund raiser.

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