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Zapiekanki, Dzelten Maize and Part 3 of My Versatile Blogger Award Nominations!!

My favorite food in Poland (OK, one of my favorite foods in Poland) is zapiekanki, and from sessions at nometne as a child – dzelten maize.

The zapiekanki that conjur up the best memories for me were (probably still are) sold by outside vendors near the bus and train stations in Rzeszow. These  are similar to grilled French bread pizzas topped with lots of minced mushrooms, melted cheese and a spicy tomato sauce. Rzeszow was a town we frequently had to stop through en route to pretty much much most other places in Poland. And Dzierzoniow, as I recall, also had some great ones.

I can still recall the delicious smell wafting around us as fabulous memories of standing in long lines with my friends and family during trips – summer romps to Solina in the Bieszczady Mountains and in the winter – to the resort town of Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains. At each stop along our way, we had to sample the local zapiekankie and to restock our drink and snack supply. Definately more on these trips coming up in future posts – and I will tease you by saying – they were wild times.

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